Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Boy George Speaks About George Michael's Final Years (VIDEO)

Boy George sat for an interview at "Watch What Happens Live", where he was asked by the host about his relationship with late singer George Michael.

George, now 55, has opened up about George Michael's final years after dying at 53 on Christmas Day.

"I read stuff in the papers," Boy George claimed, noting: "But I never really knew really what - he really kept people out, he was quite private."

Boy George went on: "In the early days, we were competition to each other. Both called George, both made soul music. So in the early days, we were really in competition. Then sort of later on, I started to really appreciate him as a musician - you know, right around "Faith". I started to really appreciate his talent."

"It wasn't really a feud," Boy George pointed out, adding: "In the '80s, everyone - Pete Burns, me, we all used to be really bitchy about each other. It's like the thing that you did in the '80s with those pop magazines. Now it's the Housewives who do it! But in the '80s, you just said vile things about everyone."

Check out the video below...

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