Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cher Reveals David Letterman Paid £28,000 For Her First Appearance On His Show

Cher has finally confirmed the rumors that she was paid by David Letterman's team to make a guest appearance on "The Late Show" for the first time in 1986.

Cher had denied to stop by the iconic show and when she eventually sat down for an interview, she called the popular host an "assh--e" on air.

The legendary singer stated during a concert: "I had a £28,000 hotel bill and Dave Letterman had always asked me to be on his show," noting: "And I said: "Yes, if you have £28,000." But they said no."

Cher went on: "Then they called back and said yes!", adding: "The producers said: "Why did you never want to be on the show before this?" and I said: "Because (Letterman) is very smart and funny but he can be so cruel if he doesn't like the people."

Letterman has stated the rumors were false, claiming: "If you think this show will cover that hotel bill, you were sadly misled."

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