Wednesday, April 19, 2017

George Michael's Manager Knew He Would Die Young (INTERVIEW)

George Michael's death may have shocked the world, but his former manager revealed he knew he would die.

Rob Kahane stated that the legendary performer always thought he would pass away at a young age.

In an interview with Billboard, Kahane expained: "He was obsessed with saying: "I know I'm going to die young." He'd say: "It's OK. I've had a great life."

The manager noted that he talked to George before his tragic death, saying: "I called him, and he said: "I'm good. He sounded fine."

He also had the chance to listen to some of Michael's new material, claiming that it was "totally pop, like something that would've been on "Faith". The songs weren't depressing. That's why I thought everything was OK with him."

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