Sunday, April 30, 2017

Julia Roberts Slams Donald Trump As She Supports Trans Students

Julia Roberts has attacked Donald Trump by defending LGBTQ students.

Roberts, 49, is supporting Missouri students as they are struggling to protect LGBTQ youth rights within their state schools.

The actress and 16-year-old student Miguel Johnson appeared at the GLSEN Respect Awards to discuss keeping LGBTQ protections in place under Donald Trump's presidency.

"As a parent, I want all students to feel safe and protected at school, and I stand with Miguel and trans students across the country. You are loved," Julia told People, noting: "Before Trump got elected, he always said he was totally for LGBTQ students, because they're people too and they deserve an education. And then after he got elected, he was basically like: "Just kidding, I lied."

In Missouri, the trans-inclusive Title IX guidance has been recalled and new anti-trans state bills are being presented.

On the other hand, Miguel claimed he will keep on fighting to protect fellow LGBTQ students.

"I'm still trying to figure out what I can do to feel okay and how to make my friends and fellow students feel okay, and honestly I don't have an answer," Miguel stated, adding: "There's not an easy solution, especially when the person with the most power us messing stuff up."

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