Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sinead O'Connor Apologizes To Arsenio Hall For Prince's Death

Sinead O'Connor has recently apologized to comedian Arsenio Hall for implying that he offered the late singer Prince drugs.

O'Connor, 50, made claims that Arsenio is responsible for Prince's tragic passing on April 2016.

Sinead told celebrity website TMZ: "I apologize for my Facebook posts about Arsenio Hall to the extent that anyone thought I was accusing him of acting as Prince's drug dealer and supplying him with illegal hard drugs, or insinuating that Arsenio had something to do with Prince's death."

The singer noted: "I sincerely apologize because those statements would be false, and I retract them unequivocally."

Arsenio has dropped the $5 million libel lawsuit he filed against her.

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