Friday, May 12, 2017

Katy Perry As A Meal In "Bon Appetit" Music Video

Katy Perry just dropped the music video for her single "Bon Appetit" and we watch her turning into a meal!

The clip, feat. Migos, begins with Perry, 32, laying under saran wrap in a freezer. She is grabbed by some chefs who then throw her into a huge vat of flour where she is getting a massage with the material.

Afterwards, the singer is put onto a wooden cutting board where she is covered in every kind of vegetables you can think of before being dumped into a fryer. Finally, Katy is served in a restaurant, but then she starts to dance on a stripper pole.

In the clip, we see Perry's hair makeover which ends up in her new pixie cut.

Check out the music video below...

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