Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Kooks Team Up With And I Went A Step Further (A Capella)

The Kooks have joined forces with the app and are inviting all musers to make a lip sync video in order to promote their big hit "Naive".

In case you haven't read my previous article, The Kooks are a pop-rock band from Brighton, who are influenced by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Chris de Burgh.

I decided to make another video for the song, in which I sing the track a capella. Crazy me!

Just to let you know that my rendition is kind of cynical as I make fun of the word "naive" and I show you a book titled "Wisdom". Also, in some point I make a move which many of you will probably misunderstand but it is cynical as well...I am referring to the lyric "Oh and your sweet and pretty face", in which I show you my Kate Moss tee but I am doing it in a sexy way...that was not my intention at all!

Check out my video below...

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