Thursday, August 24, 2017

Katerina Wilhelmina Introduces You To The Sephora "Kiss Me" Gloss

Hello makeup enthusiasts and professional makeup artists! I have to share with you that I have recently teamed up with Hivency and Sephora and as a result I have the opportunity to try some amazing beauty products!

For those who are reading my blog regularly and follow me on Instagram (@katerinawilhelmina), you are well aware that I recently introduced you to the Sephora "Mixology" Makeup Eye Palette!

Now I am happy to introduce you to the Sephora "Kiss Me" gloss, the ultimate must-have for sensual lips!

This gloss combines colour and a non-sticky texture that leaves a delicious taste on the lips for extreme comfort and daring shine.

There are many things I love about this beauty product!

First of all, what grabs your attention is its packaging! I love that it is egg-shaped, as it feels good on your hand, plus the fact that it is so cute!

Second, the Sephora "Kiss Me" gloss has a roll-on applicator, which makes it very convenient and easy to use. The most important thing, however, is that you have the right amount of product evenly to the lips for a long-lasting shiny result.

Last but not least, your lips are perfectly moisturized, they smell great and are a bit tinted, which is awesome, because it is the perfect lipstick alternative on your "no makeup" days.

The "Kiss Me" gloss comes at five fragrances. I received the 06. Soda addiction and I am 100% satisfied!

Check out below the five fragrances you will find the "Kiss Me" gloss...

1. 01. Dreaming of dessert
2. 02. Peach obsession
3. 03. Candy desire
4. 05. Strawberry passion
5. 06. Soda addiction

I have also created a video in order to show you how pigmented is the Sephora "Kiss Me" gloss as well as how sensual your lips would look like after using it. You will find it on my Instagram account.

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