Sunday, April 29, 2012

Snooki Weight Gain

Nevertheless, the tabloid claims "Snooki is actually still dieting behind her fiancé’s back," adding "While Jionni has been preparing huge plates of food for his sweetie in order to ensure that the baby’s getting enough calories, Snooki is not eating it."

A so-called "source" reveals to "Reality Weekly": "Most of it hits the trash when he’s not looking."

But a representative for Snooki is calling the tabloid story "garbage".

"From the minute Nicole [Polizzi] found out she was expecting, she has done everything she can to ensure she has a healthy pregnancy," declares the rep who further adds "She is 100 percent focused on the health and well-being of her baby and is excited for the future. Anything said to the contrary is erroneous and unfounded."

On the other hand, Snooki  stated that she "would die" if she became as large as Jessica Simpson during her pregnancy.

"I would die if I were her size," she told "Us Weekly", adding that she won't be pigging out on buttered Pop Tarts like 31-year-old Simpson.

"She said she indulged in everything that she wanted. I'm trying to each healthy - fruits, lots of jelly and Italian ices. Nothing fattening at all" Snooki quoted as saying.

Her Jersey Shore co-star DJ Pauly D also agreed Simpson was huge.

"She's like 45 months pregnant now," Pauly laughed.

Pauly also joked that Snooki will "have to wait until her baby is two or three" before she introduces the child to the second part of their catchphrase GTL - Gym, Tan, Laundry.

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Snooki Losing Weight

Snooki is so proud of herself for losing weight that she plans on rewarding herself with an unconventional treat...Wonder what Snooki has in mind? Breast augmentation!

Snooki certainly wants to look more like her best friend and fellow "Jersey Shore" star Jenni 'J-Woww' Farley.

"All I want for Christmas is big knockers like @JENNIWOWW. Thanks Santa," Snooki wrote on her pal's Twitter page.

"I'd do it every year if I could!" she told Harper's Bazaar.

Her pal has decided to reward herself with a similar experience for reaching her weight loss goals.

"So happy I'm at my goal weight I was when I was in high school!" she tweeted. "Feelin fit is amazing and can't wait to tone up hardcore!"

She then added that she's "closer to her weight loss goal of 98 lbs."

It's more than obvious that Snooki has left all the hard partying lifestyle and now spends less time in the bars and more at the gym.

In fact, she even tweeted that she was working out on "thirsty Thursday", writing: "Late night gym session!"

She added: "Ew legit just fist pumped hard to my iPod."

Snooki has recently tweeted photographs of herself wearing revealing monokinis. Certainly, losing weight has played a significant role in boosting Snooki's confidence!

Snooki's figure looks remarkably slender.

It has to be mentioned that Snooki has embarked on a weight-loss plan, revealing on the "Wendy Williams show", that she has slimmed down to 103lb, just five off her target goal.

Snooki made a statement to "In Touch magazine" that she was sick of celebrity blogs commenting on her weight, but claimed: "I didn't lose weight for them.  I did it for me."

The question is : "How did Snooki lose weight?"

Snooki has credited diet pills Zantrex for her dramatic weight loss.

She even took to her Twitter to deny reports that her slim frame was down to taking drops of the controversial Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HGC) hormone.

She tweeted: "Glad to hear reports that say I look good =) but it's not because of HCG! Thanks @Zantrex!"

It has to be said that Zantrex fat burning tablets are apparently also favoured by many celebrities including Britney Spears.

But be aware of the side effects such as palpitations, anxiety, cold sweats, nausea, diarrhoea, increased heart rate and irritability.

 Snooki also told "In Touch" that diet and exercise also played a role in her new look.

"When I work out and eat right, I feel healthier and happier," Snooki revealed.

Snooki definitely appears to be significantly slimmer in the face, with her jawline more defined. She undeniably reached her goal weight of 98lbs.The good thing is that she hasn't lost her curves!

To be honest, I completely disagree with the use of diet pills as a way of losing weight. Diet pills can be extremely dangerous and can totally destroy somebody's metabolism. So, their use shouldn't be encouraged. Don't forget that Snooki is a celebrity and she gets paid by promoting them. Be also aware that celebrities don't necessarily use the products they advertise. Conclusion: Don't take celebrities' word for granted!

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Snooki Car

On May 30rd 2011 Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and a fellow "Jersey Shore" cast member were involved in a minor traffic accident in Italy.

The popular MTV reality show was filming its fourth season in Florence.

The network said in a statement that two cast members were involved in a crash. The statement said no alcohol was involved and no one was arrested. It provided no further details.

SallyAnn Salsano, executive producer at "Jersey Shore" production company 495, told "The Star-Ledger" newspaper that the incident was "just a minor fender bender." She stated the show was still filming.

Photos posted on celebrity gossip website show Snooki and co-star Deena Nicole Cortese, apparently uninjured, sitting on the sidewalk after the crash.

The incident reportedly left Snooki’s car stuck between the police vehicle and a wall, forcing Cortese to exit Snooki’s car through a window. 

Snooki was reportedly taken into custody following the incident, but it was not a formal arrest, a source connected with the production told TMZ.

Us Magazine reported then that "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's license was revoked and that she might also be heading to court as a result of her recent fender bender.

In detail, while shooting the fourth season of MTV's smash reality show, Snooki was driving a Fiat Multipla with co-star Deena Cortese riding shotgun when they clipped a police cruiser (which was their escort). She trapped her Fiat between the police car and the highway wall. As a result, the minor fender-bender sent the two Italian police officers to the hospital. Once she injured a fellow motorist, Snooki automatically lost her license to drive in Florence, under Italian law.

"It was nothing serious and they have been released, but they will not be back at work for a week," a Florence police spokesman told the press.

Under Italian law, Snooki didn't face any real criminal prosecution.

It has to be mentioned that the officers suffered whiplash-like injuries and minor bruises and cuts.

While she was not injured in the car crash, Snooki sported a neck brace while walking down the streets of Florence followed by camera crews. She was later seen ripping it off in laughter.

After news of her minor fender bender broke, the President of a national Italian American group UNICO labeled Snooki as the country's worst ever export. To Radar Online, Andre Dimino revealed, "She really is the lowest of the low and will do anything for attention, even hitting a police car. She is our worst ever export and is an embarrassment for Italian Americans and our whole country."

"For MTV to go and film in Italy was totally ill conceived, and this latest incident has just added insult to injury as far as I'm concerned," Andre continued on. "The whole situation is actually really sad, and it is painting our country in a terrible light."

 Us Weekly additionally reported that the reality series cast has collected over 300 Euros worth of fines for various traffic violations since they arrived in Italy three weeks ago.

What do you think of Snooki's behaviour?

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Catherine Zeta Jones Surgery

There are rumors that Catherine Zeta-Jones has gone under the knife multiple times.

To be more specific, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn  claims Catherine Zeta Jones has had botox, after seeing photos of the actress looking impeccably smooth-skinned.

According to Radar Online Catherine Zeta-Jones may have had surgery as a "refresher" following the stress of husband Michael Douglas' cancer diagnosis in August 2010.

Dr Anthony Youn reveals : "Catherine Zeta Jones looks like she's beginning to follow in her husband Michael Douglas' plastic surgery footsteps. Her cheeks look somewhat plump, and may be due to injections of a filler like Sculptra. Her forehead and crows feet are also very smooth for a woman her age, likely a result of Botox injections."

Dr Youn also added: "Botox is typically not injected under the eyes, though, hence the wrinkles in her lower eyelids."


The truth is that when Catherine attended the 2012 Windward School benefit on Cipriani 42nd Street in NYC Tuesday night with Michael Douglas, her face seemed tighter and lines were smoother. It was actually then when the plastic surgery rumors started to spread like wildfire...

Judging by the before and after pictures, Catherine Zeta-Jones appears that she has also got veneers.

As for her breasts, when you take a close look at the before and after photos, you realize that there is no doubt that Catherine Zeta Jones had a boob job. Even though it wasn’t the most dramatic change of size, it was quite significant!

To conclude, Catherine Zeta-Jones has changed a lot throughout her career. She is completely unrecognizable! In my opinion, she still remains a very beautiful woman. Certainly, Catherine Zeta-Jones' surgery is a very successful one.

What do you think of Catherine Zeta-Jones surgery ?

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Madonna's Colombia Concert Sold Out In Less Than A Week !

Madonna’s November concert in Medellin sold out in less than a week according to Radio Caracol report.

Colombians craved to watch the Queen of Pop on her first tour date in Colombia and the last 2,000 tickets sold out in less than half an hour.

The spokesman for Ocesa Colombia, the event company putting on the concert, stated it was a dream come true for Colombians to bring Madonna to their country and credited Medellin’s mayor Anibal Gaviria for making the event possible.

It has to be mentioned that the concert has promised to bring a large influx of tourists to the city with hotels in Medellin already 80% booked for the night of the concert.

Although most (55%) of ticket buyers were in Medellin, many out-of-towners bought tickets for Madonna's only stop in Colombia on her six-city tour of Latin America.

34% of ticket buyers were in Bogata and Cundinamarca, another 4% were in the Valle del Cauca department, and the remaining 7% were from elsewhere in Colombia and neighboring countries.

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Cyndi Lauper Honored By The US Goverment For Supporting The LGBT Community !

Cyndi Lauper is going to be honored by the US government for her support of the LGBT community!

Specifically, the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is honoring her for co-founding the "True Colors Fund", which encourages people of all sexual orientations to help the LGBT community.

In detail, she's going to be given the prize by the US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day in Washington, D.C. on May 9th.

Cyndi Lauper is undeniably a defender of human rights!Don't you think?

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery

There are rumors that Taylor Swift has received a little help from plastic surgery.


Taylor Swift probably hasn't got a nose job in spite of the fact that her nose looks more defined and is thinner than before. What appears to happen here is that some of the "baby fat" that she was having on her face has gone and she looks more mature, so no rhinoplasty yet for Taylor. 

Well, there is a lot of fuss about whether or not Taylor Swift has got a breast augmentation.

There are people who claim that her breasts are natural while others beleive that she has got breast implants.

The question is: What plastic surgeons beleive about Taylor Swift's breasts?

"The country star appears to be following in the footsteps of another female country singer, Dolly Parton, and enhanced her breasts," claims plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming agrees, adding, "I think it’s pretty obvious that’s she’s had breast enhancement. It looks very nice and proportional."

Dr. Youn believes Taylor increased her cup size from a small A to a striking C.

"There is definitely a significant difference in the appearance of the breasts between the two photos," reveals NYC-based plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner.

Judging by the before and after pics, Taylor Swift definitely looks more endowed on her top half.

It has to be mentioned that Taylor Swift was spotted several times leaving a plastic surgery oriented clinic in West Hollywood back in February. So, what do you think?

Has Taylor Swift gone under the knife?

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