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Ciara Quotes

1. I think that we all, you know, have, we have our own style and when it comes to music and you know, videos and things, and just dancing, period. And you know, I think you can definitely find some similarities but I don't think they're forced, at least from my end. I'm just being me. And I really want the people to see me as me.

2. Being in this industry makes you develop more quickly than a typical child would. You mature faster.

3. Cute accessories always help bring out your outfit and pull it all together.

4. I am not totally innocent, and I do date. But as a young woman, I also demand respect.

5. I always say to people, dancing is one way to do cardio and all kind of cool things so you know, if you're trying to work on like dropping a little bit of weight, you probably can just keep on trying it and then, it'll be like fun. You know, it's like dancing to me is something that's really cool. When you try to work out and you're trying to get together like for me, it works out really cool for me so I think the people will enjoy it.

6. Real music to me is real; it's what you feel.

7. You can really think a person has your back when their purpose or their intentions are, you know, could really just be, their motives, you know, could really be more so just business-driven, you know, and not to take things too personal. It's very important. Understanding a situation, if it's in business, you understand it, you will treat it that way. But if you start to be emotional about it and take things personally, then you'll react that way and my advice is definitely just to really be aware. Keep your eyes open and to be careful about trusting everyone.

8. I have to say my ultimate inspiration is Michael, but Janet was definitely one person I loved to watch growing up and I think she's such an amazing performer and she's contributed so many great things to the musical trend. Because of that I am inspired by her as an artist. When I get the comparison to Aaliyah, I can definitely say that I get touched more than anything when people tell them I remind them of her on a personal note because all I heard was people say a lot of great tings about her so I take it as a big compliment in that sense.

9. You know what, when I write my records, I write them with my women in mind. Young women and just women period, older women because I feel like a lot of things we go through are very, very relatable, like you know so with that being said, I get inspired by that, you know, and the cool thing is that music is a way of expressing yourself and knowing the power of song, also inspires me.

10. Success can be too much for the mind when you get it in large fast doses. I want mine served moderately so I can appreciate it.

11. Dancing - however you do it, even if it's in your living room - is a great workout.

12. I'm really into superheroes and the comic book illustration concept, and with this album I kinda wanted to play along with that. I'm really into power and strength and confidence this go-round. I'm into expressing that with my fans, and I want for this album packaging to really bring that to life. And I created my own superhero character and superhero name, and thats Super C. I just wanted to have a little fun and do something different this go-round.

13. Usher is amazing. He's perfection to me as a performer. He gets down.

14. You know, my fans call me CC and C, and I just added Super to it, because it's just a reflection of my strength, and my confidence in my strong energy that I give all the way around, with everything that I do, whether its in a relationship, whether its in my workflow, whether its on the stageno matter what, I always give 100%, and that is Super C. And its not another person, its just another nickname you can call me. I'm not being too serious about it, but just havin fun with the whole superhero concept, you know what I mean?

15. Education is everything - education is your power, education is your way in life for whatever you want to do.

16. I believe life is what you make it.

17. You know what? A lot of times I naturally do overthink a lot of things, and how it's gonna affect my fans, and at the same time I also feel that there are some things you can do, but they are for your older and more mature audience. I definitely do think there's a time and a place for everything you know, I can't be at no kids event dancing around overtly sexy. I've got to know my surroundings and know the right times for certain things, and that's how I like to look at it.

18. A lot of people don't realize that when you're trying to lose weight, or just trying to stay fit, 85 percent of it is what you eat, and 15 percent of it is how you work out.

19. Everyone loves to dance. I've realize that's a part of what I do more and more every day.

20. As we get older, it's important for us to help hand back some of what we've gained as we've grown older. It should be one of your responsibilities - it's almost like being a mentor.

21. TeamWORK makes the dreamWORK.

22. I can definitely say that music is taking a turn (toward) the electro, somewhat 80s-inspired music. I feel like it's kind of evolving back to that, and music kind of repeats itself like, at one point in time hip-hop was dominating, and we had that moment, at one point in time R&B songs that were really melodic were dominating. Were at a point where the records that have an extra sprinkle of pop in them, or the more electro sound are starting to become more (prevalent), and are starting to be consistent throughout the music at radio.

23. I love shopping! I'm impatient though. I'll go to the mall and in 30 minutes be ready to go. I will go to the mall and in 30 minutes be ready to go. The good stuff will have to be right in my face. It is so soothing to see those racks of clothes. Sometimes the good stuff is far back in the racks. I also like shopping for shoes. I love shoes.

24. I'm just headed into a world of fun, it's usually gonna be a fantasy world, and a world of just letting go, and really just having fun in such a free way. Also, you're gonna be going into the world of the unexpected, but a good unexpected.

25. I have so much respect for athletes like LeBron James. I get motivation from them because I know how many hours they put into it. It takes a lot of hard work and drive.

26. As of right now, I just like giving wherever I can give. I am gonna be working with Give a Smile. Giving back to kids and giving them a smile is very important.

27. I think it takes a lot of confidence to be comfortable in being vulnerable.

28. With health, it affects a whole lot of different areas of your body. When it comes to helping, I love kids, so whatever it is that I do, I like to target it more towards them. Children are our future and they're very precious to me so that's where my heart is.

29. You know, like, I hear kids singing, you know, "1, 2 Step" or singing "Goodies." I hear adults singing it and dancing around so I could say that's really the blessing for me in this case. You know, I think more than anything, too, my fans will continue to grow with me.

30. There's so much more that I need to accomplish in my career before I have kids. So I'm motivated by the idea of having kids and a family. I wanna work as hard as I can right now, so that when I do choose to start a family, I can do it comfortably and spend time with them.

31. I think it's really cool to embrace the pain of something that may have hurt you and be able to express it through music.

32. Let me tell you, I gotta bring some kids into this family, because we are really really tight. One day I'll have lots of kids running around.

33. If a person uses the word "sorry" loosely then of course it loses its value.

34. I had truly evolved as an artist and as a woman. In this case, a lot of things that you see me do are honestly, just natural changes for me like I was growing.

35. More than anything, I realize I've been blessed to make great music.

36. When you come out, they automatically want to say what you are and compare you to somebody. They want to give title immediately rather than waiting to see what a person's about.

37. On the road to success and the top, everyday isn't perfect. Every decision isn't the right one. Having those not so perfect moments Help to define you. They make you stronger, smarter, and wiser and allow you to appreciate your blessings!

38. It helped me become a well-rounded individual, and also it helped me be able to adapt to different surroundings and different cultures.

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Timbaland Quotes

1. I've always tried different stuff in the studio. I use rakes, spoons, cans...I'm a surround-sound type of guy.

2. An artist don't make you bigger than life - being that person that can break artists can make you bigger than life.

3. It hurts when people put you down.

4. Don't get in my personal life.

5. It's probably hard to be married to me. It's not easy.

6. Everyone wants to work with the big new producer or the hot new singer. The key is to find them before they're hot.

7. My first love is producing.

8. Good production is like a beautiful marriage. It makes a happy home.

9. My style is to take something unexpected and make it into a hit. That's what I do.

10. Greatness can never be over because you can lay it down for a minute.

11. The same people who smile in my face would be the same ones to talk behind my back.

12. I been through some junk. It ain't all been peaches and cream.

13. When I first met Aaliyah - it time for the world to hear this, I'm gonna give a little secret - I was in love with her.

14. I consider myself a composer.

15. You don't question where the music comes from, because it all comes from God.

16. I don't have beef with nobody.

17. I listen to a lot of alternative types of music: I listen to a lot of Chinese music, I listen to a lot of Asian music. It might surprise you, but I listen to a lot of Arabic music. And I don't care - music is music.

18. I do music for the fans. I want to lift fans up.

19. I never had any plans to become a producer when I was a kid. I wanted to be a DJ, like most other kids at the time. Then my mum bought me a Casio keyboard and I started to sample sounds that I liked.

20. I don't repeat myself and I don't look back because everything is hard work and the only way forward is to continue to be creative.

21. I'm trying to do something real different; I'm trying to bring the street to real pop. I'm trying to bring the street to pop. Not watering it down, no nothing.

22. I don't think about other people. If I did, I'd wanna compete. But I don't think like that, because I'm above everybody.

23. I make artists and get the profit.

24. I have ideas whirring around my head all the time.

25. When you become the best like me, you never fall off, you just lean back.

26. I know somebody in every culture.

27. I'm a real producer and somebody need to tell them they can't do it like I can.

28. I listen to a lot of '80s stuff, like "Owner of a Lonely Heart," by the group Yes. And Mr. Mister's "Broken Wings."

29. Hip-hop is the same ol', same ol'. I can do a beat and keep doing it, but it's not the same.

30. I look at Lil Wayne as being from my generation.

31. I do albums. That's what I get a kick out of, making a whole project complete and selling the whole project for what it is.

32. I work out all the time. I love it.

33. I'm focused. The labels done ate off the fat of the land. I see there is this whole big land that ain't been touched, and I gotta grab all the tomatoes.

34. I try to be as normal as I can.

35. Your health is more important than everything else. I fly private so I can stick to one aircraft rather than have to sit with a bunch of people coughing and sneezing - that way I know what I'm dealing with. But you can't get better if you don't rest, and I've been going constantly, non-stop.

36. I'm a grown man. I ain't got time for all that "you say, she say."

37. I'm a musical genius.

38. I'm definitely a risk-taker with my music.

39. I'm not a rapper.

40. I'm making music the way I would have done before modern equipment and music recording.

41. I'm weird, I do crazy things, it's not like the average norm.

42. I'm the type of person who tries to save the world.

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Amare Stoudemire Married To Alexis Welch

Amare Stoudemire and Alexis Welch are married!

Stoudemire, 30, and Welch, 30, wed in Miami on Saturday at the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, Carmelo and La La Anthony were reportedly among the guests.

It has to be noted that Stoudemire surprised Welch with a 8.5-carat diamond ring - reportedly worth more than $1 million - when he popped the question in Paris last year.

The pair, who met in 2002, have four kids together.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!

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Avril Lavigne Married To Chad Kroeger

According to a report, Avril Lavigne, 28, and Chad Kroeger, 38, of Nickelback are married.

Us Weekly reported that the pair wed in Cannes, France on Saturday.

Celebrity marketing guru Mike Heller tweeted earlier: "I'm in south of France about to see my little Rok star #avril get married I am so happy to be part of this special celebration."

He added later: "No pictures will be sent since this is #avril wedding but I will tell you everyone is so excited."

Kroeger proposed to Lavigne last August with a reported 14-karat diamond ring.

The couple started dating in 2012 after Kroeger began helping Lavigne with her album.

It is the second marriage for Lavigne, who previously tied the knot with Sum 41′s Deryck Whibley.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Angelyne Plastic Surgery

American model and actress Angelyne, who became Los Angeles billboard legend by purchasing billboards advertising herself, has reportedly had plastic surgery.

Her trademark oversized breasts and plumped lips graced billboards around the city. The billboards are down, but the city's plastic surgeons are likely still busy keeping Angelyne appearing picture-perfect 24/7.

Angelyne's age is unknown but she has had more than enough plastic surgery to last a lifetime. As New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer claims: "With Angelyne, I don't even know where to start."

The most noticeable feature on Angelyne is definitely her voluptuous breast implants, which practically sag under the effort of being lifted on such a tiny figure. After that, one's gaze travels Angelyne's face, surrounded by a ridiculous amount of frizzy blonde locks and augmented with multiple plastic surgeries to keep an office of plastic surgeons in business for a lifetime.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is quoted as saying: "It seems apparent that Angelyne has undergone breast augmentation, as her breasts are grossly oversized for her petite frame. She may have had a facelift without a necklift as well given the tightness of her face in some areas, but the looseness of her skin in other areas such as her neck."

Angelyne's face is so full of make-up and plastic surgery that it is difficult to suppose all the operations she has undergone, but they almost undeniably include: at least one facelift, a nose job, brow lift. She most likely also gets lip injections and facial fillers on a regular basis as well.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California, notes: "Angelyne appears to have had everything performed on her face: an over-aggressive, pinched rhinoplasty, brow lift, lip injections and possibly a face lift as well, since she's been around for a long time. It's obvious that she's had breast augmentation. Only her arms are beginning to show her age. Cheers to her for still looking good."

Judging by her looks, it appears that Angelyne's dream was to achieve (mainly through plastic surgery) her transformation into a Barbie doll. In her own words: "Barbie wishes she were me."

The truth is that Angelyne's plastic surgery was definitely a horrible disaster as she has gone overboard with it. It is obvious she is in a denial about her actual age, which makes her look unnatural, creepy and ridiculous.

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Demi Lovato: "I Was Fake "Role Model" By Day, "Wild Child" By Night Before Rehab

Demi Lovato claims she was a fake "role model" before checking into rehab for emotional and physical issues in 2010.

Lovato, 20, told the August issue of Canada's Fashion magazine: "I learned that ignorance stood in the way of my insight. I wasn't really being honest with the way I used to live."

Lovato was quoted as saying: "I was pretending to be a role model during the day and turning into a wild child at night."

Lovato also revealed how she's gradually learned to overcome bullying, noting that in the past: "I could remember word for word what my bullies said to me...just degrading things that hurt me and affected self-esteem. It affected the way I look at girls my age. I used to fear them."

Now, Lovato admits she is a much stronger and better person for having conquered her insecurities.

The mag hits newsstands on July 8.

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Kendall Jenner: "I'd Probably Quit Reality TV To Become Model"

Kendall Jenner spoke out about her modeling aspirations in V Magazine.

Kendall, 17, is eager to prove her doubters wrong.

"I don't think some people take me very seriously," Kendall revealed to the mag, noting: "When I started off, I was way more of a personality in modeling and it wasn't like, what I wanted to be exactly. I want to be more high fashion; I want to be more editorial, but hopefully I'll just prove myself."

Asked whether she'd think of quitting reality television altogether if her modeling career demanded it, Jenner replied: "I've never gotten that question before...Um, yeah. Probably."

But Kendall prefers her Los Angeles roots to the fashion capital of New York, explaining that she likes the Big Apple "for a certain amount of time. It gets claustrophobic. I like having space."

As for which designers she would love to model, Jenner was quoted as saying: "I mean of course the big ones: Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. All those big ones are my ultimate dream."

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