Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chloe Moretz Discusses Boys And Fashion For "Flare" September 2014

Chloe Moretz posed for the September 2014 issue of Flare magazine, on newsstands August 11.

Moretz, 17, revealed to the outlet about dating in the public eye: "When you're with someone who's just your friend, then they take photos, but when you're out with your boyfriend, they never find out. It's like: "You guys are so dumb; you're missing your opportunity!""

Chloe opened up about the fashion industry: "People say don't judge a book by its cover, but if someone wears a crazy outfit, they're automatically a crazy person. If you wear a tame outfit, you're automatically a prude…You can be whoever you want through what you wear."

As for her biggest acting challenge, Moretz shared with the mag: "It seems so silly, but happiness and love are much more spontaneous than heavy, dark, crying emotion; everyone cries. But actually making someone laugh, and falling in love…"

For the full interview of Chloe Moretz, visit Flare.com.

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Neon Hitch's New Single "Yard Sale" (AUDIO)

Neon Hitch's brand new track "Yard Sale" has been released.


" "Yard Sale" is about leaving the past behind and letting go of the stuff you don't need - literally and emotionally. The last couple years have been tough for me - I was drowning in emotional baggage that I couldn't let go of, while fighting for my creative freedom," Neon Hitch revealed to Just Jared, adding: "A huge weight has been lifted now as I've finally taken my freedom back, and I feel more alive than ever. This song is a personal anthem of liberation!"

Neon Hitch's debut album "eleutheromaniac" will be available in September.

Check out the single below... 

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Audrina Patridge And Corey Bohan Split After Five Years

According to an insider, Audrina Patridge has separated from her boyfriend Corey Bohan after five years of on-and-off dating.  

"She's single right now," the source close to Patridge, 29, revealed to Us Weekly.

The pair began dating back in 2009, following her split from MTV's bad boy Justin "Bobby" Brescia. With some breakups throughout their longterm affair, the two seemed to be going well since their last separation occurred in March 2011.

"We've been off and on for almost five years," the former "Hills" star explained to Us last July, "but we've been solid." 

Audrina expressed her excitement at the same event that the Australian BMXer was the love of her life and they had even "talked about" tying the knot.

"With other guys in the past I dated, I never felt safe," Patridge admitted to Us, adding: "We'd go out and I felt like I had to defend them, and so with Corey I feel like I'm safe - he's a guy's guy..He's not afraid to get dirty and that's what I like about him. He's not super metro."

But sadly things can dramatically change in one year as a source close to the reality star pointed out to Us that reconciliation is most possibly not an option between the former couple…"I don't think they'll get back together this time," the insider was quoted as saying.

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Hawaii Five-0's Scott Caan And Girlfriend Kacy Byxbee Welcome Daughter Josie

According to E! News, "Hawaii Five-0" star Scott Caan and his girlfriend Kacy Byxbee have welcomed their first child Josie James Caan.  

Caan, 37, and his girlfriend's baby girl was born on July 9.

Hawaii Five-0 was renewed for a fifth season and it will make its debut on CBS on September 26.

News of Caan and Byxbee's pregnancy just emerged last month and the pair never officially announced that they were expecting.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Ariana Grande Talks Being Estranged From Her Dad

Ariana Grande spoke out about her relationship with her late grandfather as well as being estranged from her father in the September issue of Seventeen.  

Grande, who was interviewed before her grandfather's death, revealed that he raised her confidence growing up because: "He was like: "You're a star, I know in my heart you're going to make this family so proud. You're a blessing." And I was like, oh my god, and started crying, and I trusted it."

As for her relationship with her dad, Grande, 21, shared that "falling out of touch with my dad" has been extremely tough.

Ariana told the outlet: "It's private, but it happened last year. It took me so long to be okay with it. The thing that got me there was embracing the fact that I am made up of half my dad, and a lot of my traits come from him."

"So much of me comes from my father, and for so long, I didn't like that about myself," Grande was quoted as saying, noting: "I had to accept that it's okay not to get along with somebody and still love them."

Grande also opened up about struggling with insecurity for a long time.

Ariana admitted: "It's tough to spend some of the most important years of your life in front of so many strangers who want to pick you apart. Insecurity has been the hardest thing I've had to overcome. I think everyone my age struggles with that because everyone strives for approval and wants to feel loved."

Grande however understands that "everybody has certain things that make them feel insecure" and "there are still things that will upset you and break your heart." 

Ariana also added: "I'm at a point in my life where love is the most important thing, and I won't let anything come before it."

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Hilary Duff Flaunts Bikini Body In "Chasing The Sun" Music Video

Hilary Duff flaunted her bikini body in her new music video for "Chasing the Sun."  

"Pretty sure the full #ChasingTheSun video is up on @vevo now! Hope you love it," Duff, 26, tweeted about the video.

Duff's new single is available on iTunes.

Check out the video below…

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Ian Curtis Quotes

1. I can now see everything falling to pieces before my eyes.  

2. Nothing seems real anymore. Even the flames from the fire seem to beckon to me, drawing me into some great past life buried somewhere deep in my subconscious, if only I could find the key…if only…if only. Ever since my illness, my condition, I've been trying to find some logical way of passing my time, of justifying a means to an end.

3. (his suicide note found alongside his turntable spinning Iggy Pop's "The Idiot") At this very moment, I wish I were dead. I just can't cope anymore.

4. Existence is…well…what does it matter? I exist on the best terms I can. The past is now part of my future. The present is well out of hand.

5. I wish I were a Warhol silk screen hanging on the wall. Or little Joe or maybe Lou. I'd love to be them all. All New York's broken hearts and secrets would be mine. I'd put you on a movie reel, and that would be just fine.

6. A loaded gun won't set you free. So you say.

7. I struggle between what I know is right in my own mind, and some warped truthfulness as seen through other people's eyes who have no heart, and can't see the difference anyway.

8. When routine bites hard, and ambitions are low. When resentment rides high, but emotion won't grow...and we're changing our ways, taking different roads. Love will tear us apart.

9. I used to work in a factory and I was really happy because I could daydream all day. All I had to do was push this wagon with cotton things in it up and down. But I didn't have to think. I could think about the weekend, imagining what I was going to spend my money on, which LP I was going to buy…You can live in your own little world.

10. There are some things you will never understand.

11. Pictures all around, of how good a life should be, a model for the rest, that bred insecurity, I walked a jagged line and then came back for more, it's always in my mind, an institution with no law.

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