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Donna Douglas Quotes

1. I speak for a lot of church groups, youth groups, schools, colleges and do personal appearances. I've done conventions and trade shows. A lot of different little hats.  

2. (on her on- and off-screen chemistry with Buddy Ebsen, who played Jed Clampett) Buddy Ebsen was the one I worked with the most, so I became closer to him than the others, in a lot of ways, he was like a father to me both on- and off-screen.

3. Whatever God would want me to do…love each other and help others. I want to add, not take away.

4. (about the early careers of Buddy Ebsen's, Max Baer Jr.'s, Irene Ryan's and herself, before co-starring on The Beverly Hillbillies - 1962) It was the American Dream. But I think it had a lot of good things in it, too. We were all so grateful to be working, Buddy Ebsen - he had started out in vaudeville, and he had done many things, but his career wasn't on an upswing or anything. Granny, (Irene Ryan) she wasn't really doing anything. Max Baer and I, we were babies just starting out, so everybody was so grateful to be working.

5. I loved doing Elly May. She was a slice out of my own life. And, of course, The Beverly Hillbillies was a story about the American Dream. No matter who tried to slicker us or take advantage of us, we always came out on top. We were never the losers. So the right attitude was important. We set a good examples. "The Hillbillies" set high standards.

6. I really love pets. They're like children. They know if you really love them or not. You can't fool them.

7. (of Buddy Ebsen) You know, the story I had heard of all those stories, I heard Buddy say, "When we did an interview, just a few weeks ago", he said: "What is making the show so successful? What most successful show is that?" Well, the guy's tall, and says: "Who do you know is tall?" Somebody said: "Buddy Ebsen was tall", and he said, he got the part. They built it around him, because we had Jim on the span, and you had Chuck Connors. All these guys were so tall.

8. I've done gospel singing. I have a gospel album and country album.

9. (on offering another role) I was offered to do a nighttime soap after The Beverly Hillbillies. There was so much I didn't want to do because of family values. It was a big hit in a couple weeks, but it didn't matter to me, because I wanted to do a certain caliber of work and didn't want to do garbage.

10. Back then, it was more or less we couldn't change a line in our script. We weren't allowed to change lines. Today, actors change everything and won't do parts. It's very different today. Back then, the producers were in charge. Today actors are more in charge.

11. Today you can't go by the titles of the shows to know what the content of the show may be.

12. I would think that other people could see if you had other talents. I grew and expanded from the Elly May role. I was doing real estate and personal appearances and kept my foot in the door.

13. (on the death of Buddy Ebsen) He has a very, very special place in my heart. And he certainly was an inspiration in many directions, I think he has left a positive influence, politically. He loved his country.

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Terrence Howard And Wife Miranda Expect First Child Together

Terrence Howard and his wife Miranda are reportedly expecting their first child together.  

According to Us Weeky, Howard, 45, announced the exciting news during a New Year's Eve party at AnQi in Orange County, California, right after midnight.

"Terrence and Mira are expecting their first baby!" the restaurant's owner Elizabeth An revealed to the crowd at the bash. 

The pair married in late 2013, a few months after finalizing his divorce from second wife Michelle Ghent. The actor also first wed Lori McCommas, who gave birth to three of his other kids: Aubrey, 21, Hunter, 19, and Heaven, 17.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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"The Beverly Hillbillies" Star Donna Douglas Dead At 81

Donna Douglas, mostly famous for her character as Elly May Clampett, the only daughter of Jed Clampett (played by Buddy Ebsen), in the CBS television series "The Beverly Hillbillies", has died. She was 81.

According to celebrity website TMZ, Douglas passed away at her home in Louisiana, surrounded by her family and close pals on Thursday.

During the star's acting career, she starred in all nine seasons of "The Beverly Hillbillies" and even returned for the 1981 reunion film. Donna also had guest-starring appearances on other shows, including "The Twilight Zone", "Tightrope", "Mister Ed", "Adam 12", "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet",  "Bachelor Father" and "Route 66".

Besides from shows, the late actress was also Elvis Presley's co-star in the 1966 movie "Frankie and Johnny".

R.I.P Donna Douglas

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Zoe Saldana Welcomes Twins Cy And Bowie

Zoe Saldana is a mother of twins!  

Saldana, 36, took to social media on Friday to reveal that she has welcomed baby boys named Cy and Bowie, announcing that she and her husband Marco Perego, 35, welcomed the newborns last month. They are the pair's first children.

"Happy #2015 ! Starting our #NewYear with a fullhouse. Our boys are finally here! Thank U 4 all the beautiful wishes!" Zoe wrote on her twitter account. She then shared an Instagram snapshot of the kids' stuffed animals, writing: "Our boys CY and BOWIE are finally here. #marcoperego and I wanted to thank you for your beautiful wishes and for your patience."

Saldana, who kept silent about her pregnancy in the latest months, also posted a picture of the growing family's New Year's Day feast. The actress captioned it: "Happy New Year! Our first meal of #2015 - Caviar, Rosé Champagne, Pâté, bread and cheese. Wishing you all a healthy, happy, loving and successful new year. May all your wishes and goals come to life. And to all my #fans - thank you for another year of support, love and strength. You make me better and inspire me everyday to continue kicking ass."

Saldana and Perego secretly married during the summer of 2013. The star's pregnancy was confirmed in July, and Zoe's former Crossroads co-star Britney Spears later accidentally stated she was expecting twins.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Married

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is officially married!  

According to the star's rep, Gordon-Levitt, 33, quietly tied the knot with his girlfriend Tasha McCauley.

The pair exchanged vows on December 20 at their house.

Joseph has kept silent about his affair, partially because McCauley, who is the founder and CEO of a robotics company called Fellow Robots, wanted her anonymity protected.

In 2013, Gordon-Levitt revealed to Howard Stern that his girlfriend was "not in show business." In another interview, while still protecting McCauley's privacy, he claimed: "The girl that I'm with, she really doesn't want to be a part of that."

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Hayley Williams Engaged To Chad Gilbert

Hayley Williams is officially engaged to Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory!  

Williams, 26, and Gilbert, 33, revealed their recent engagement on New Year's Eve, posting a lovely and funny photoshopped bride-groom "getting married" photo.

"Popped the question on Christmas Day! #midcrop," Gilbert announced on his Instagram account alongside the image. Williams tweeted the snapshot, as well, writing: "Hey guess what?" The Paramore front woman has been dating the pop-punk rocker for more than six years. The relationship inspired Paramore's hit song "Still Into You."

Williams retweeted one fan's message that hilariously read: "I'm like 104% sure that Hayley's gonna spend more time picking what color to dye her hair for her wedding than picking her wedding dress." And the pair's dog "wrote": "My mom & dad are getting married y'all. So so so so happy!!! Congrats @XChadballX and @yelyahwilliams!!"

Hayley later tweeted: "Can't even keep up w/ the sweet texts, emails, tweets. Thx so much yall! We're so psyched! See yall in 2015."

It's unclear if the couple plan to marry this year, but 2015 will be big for Williams regardless, as she and Paramore are nominated for Best Rock Song at the 2015 Grammys.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Check out Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert's engagement photo below...

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Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Favorite Kanye West Song

Kim Kardashian praised her husband Kanye West on his brand new track "Only One," which he released as a surprise on New Year's Eve.  

"People always ask me what my favorite Kanye song is and it's Only One. Kanye feels like his mom sang thru him to our daughter," Kardashian, 34, wrote on her twitter account, noting: "I cry every time I hear this song. And such a beautiful photo of Kanye and North by Inez and Vinoodh."

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