Sunday, February 1, 2015

Belinda Carlisle Reveals Her Menopause Symptoms (VIDEO)

Belinda Carlisle has recently opened up about the worst part about being an aging female pop star. 

In an interview with Home & Family's Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare, Carlisle, 56, spoke out about the "debilitating" effects of menopause.

"I always thought maybe it won't happen to me, and then about five years ago it started happening to me," Belinda revealed, noting: "I had sleeplessness. I was very cranky, mood swings."

"The worst thing for me were the hot flashes, which started in the beginning not being so bad, then it just got to be debilitating and I would carry a change of clothes in the car. I would watch my friends go through it and I thought: "Oh God, I hope I don't have to suffer like that." It got to be so bad I got my blood done to check my hormonal levels and it was time to do something about it," the lead singer from "The Go-Go's" explained.

Carlisle also talked about the reason she is okay to discuss this private matter on TV. Besides having co-founded a hospital in Calcutta, the "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" hitmaker is also a spokesperson for Lady Care, a magnet that's meant to be worn in underclothes to control the effects of menopause.

"I put it in and I went from sometimes 40 hot flashes a day to zero," Carlisle declared, adding that menopause "is definitely uncomfortable for a lot of people to talk about, but it's also a fact of life."

Check out the video below...


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Madonna Felt Like She'd Lost Part Of Herself When Lourdes Left For College

Madonna recently revealed that when her eldest daughter Lourdes enrolled in the University of Michigan last year, she was a "mess".  

In an interview with Australia's "Today Show" on Wednesday, the Queen of Pop revealed to Richard Wilkins: "It's hard letting them go out into the world but when she left home to go to college I was a mess."

Madonna, who dedicated to Lourdes, 18, her 1998 album "Ray Of Light", also studied at the same college shortly in the 1970s but that didn't help her at all.

"It was really hard letting her go. I've come to terms with it but yes I miss her and she's a part of me, it was like losing my arm," Madonna, 56, admitted.

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Madonna Reveals She Can't Take Drugs Anymore: "I'm Destroyed For Days"

Madonna has recently admitted that she no longer experiments with drugs because she can't take the consequences.  

In an interview with MOJO magazine, Madonna, 56, revealed that she just doesn't have the "stamina" and was too frightened of taking substances during her younger years.

The Queen of Pop claimed that she couldn't get out of bed for three days afterwards.

Madonna explained: "My problem is I don't have the stamina to take drugs. I feel terrible afterwards. I'm destroyed for days and days, noting: "I can't do anything and I don't want that inconvenience in my life. So I don't feel it's worth the price you have to pay. That's me."

Considering herself a "p****", the pop icon declared that she was not even a fan of alcohol due to her career.

Madonna was quoted as saying: "Even when I was younger and in my 20s, trying this and that. I mean, I never really did that many drugs. I'm too big of a p****". 

"Also, I'm a dancer and I don't want to destroy my body. I want to feel physically good," Madonna went on.

She pointed out: "So it never came naturally to me to get out of my brains or get so high that I couldn't get out of bed for three days. And that's what happened to me if I did anything."

Despite reflecting on the after-effects of doing drugs, Madonna also confessed that she experienced occasions when her life appeared "better" when she was under the influence.

Madonna concluded: "I wouldn't say I had musical epiphanies I would say probably I just had life epiphanies where everything seems better than it is."

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Meagan Good Feels "Enlightened And Inspired" By Grace Jones

Meagan Good has recently revealed to her fans how much a God-centered discussion with Grace Jones influenced her.  

Good, 33, met by chance Jones, 66, whom she is a fan of. 

Jones gave the young actress precious spiritual insight.

Meagan took to social media to share their conversation, along with a picture of the two. 

According to Good, Jones had a similar conversation with the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, but appeared to want to not give him as many details as she did the younger entertainer.

""We make mistakes along the way…we're not perfect and we never will be, but when you have a "real" relationship with God that is so solid and you "know" Him…you have a relationship with Him versus a "religion ideal."" the "Deception" star quoted Jones as saying, adding: ""Even in our mistakes and shortcomings - no matter what anybody says - we can always be confident in what "we know" - that we know - that we know in our heart.""

Meagan admitted that their conversation made her both smile and cry because she knew the answers the Jamaican singer, model and actress was giving her. She also admitted to feeling inspired and enlightened because of Jones' life experience and godly knowledge.

The actress considers Jones "…so fearless about what anyone had to say…and so transparent about the mistakes made - but so absolutely, positively confident of her love for God and how much He absolutely loved her…And I felt…even kindred - for this generation In a way ( in a non-shock value but genuine way)…"

Good ended the post on her Instagram account expressing her gratitude for the experience while sharing her valuable conversation.

"Thankful for the revelation upon this new year - it was unpredictable and undeniable…inspirational, clarifying and most of all…Freeing…," Good shared, noting: "I've decided : I will not be the person held down by so much like in the years before...I will be free #Soar #GraceJones."

In case you don't know, Jones is the sister of Los Angeles based preacher Bishop Noel Jones who is featured on "Preachers of L.A."

For the new year, Good initially revealed some things she is trying to do.

"…I have learned that there is a balance…and in this new season of my life there is a purge…What I allowed in 2014 - the people who treated me like it was my "responsibility" to support their life and desires in every way, I will not allow in 2015…," Good wrote on Instagram before the new year, adding: "I don't have to be the biggest saint of them all all…All I have to do is be obedient…and hear from the Father & respond accordingly…"

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Mick Jagger's Ex-Girlfriend Marianne Faithfull Reveals Who Killed Jim Morrison (PHOTO)

Marianne Faithfull has recently made the shocking confession that she knew the man who "killed" the legendary Doors frontman Jim Morrison.  

Faithfull, now 67, revealed that her drug-dealing ex-boyfriend supplied Morrison with heroin which was too strong.

Mystery has long surrounded the tragic passing of The Doors lead singer after he collapsed and passed away in his Paris flat in 1971.

More than 40 years on, Faithfull has stated that a drug dealer named Jean de Breteuil gave Morrison drugs which led to an overdose.

In a recent interview with MOJO magazine, Marianne said of de Breteuil: "He went to see Jim Morrison and killed him," noting: "I mean I'm sure it was an accident. Poor B******d. The smack was too strong? Yeah, and he died".

"I didn't know anything about this. Anyway, everybody connected to the death of this poor guy is dead now, except me," Faithfull added.

Morrison was found dead in the bathtub of a rented apartment on Rue Beautreillis in the Marais district of Paris at the age of 27.

An autopsy was never carried out on the iconic singer's body and the official French death certificate claims he died of "natural causes". 

Faithfull, who was only 24 at the time and was struggling with her own drug issues, revealed she had avoided the apartment where Morrison lived and had taken some "downers".

The singer explained: "I could intuitively feel trouble. I thought, I'll take a few Tuinal and I won't be there."

De Bruteuil himself died of an overdose later the same year in Morocco.

Faithfull's new album "Give My Love To London" is set to be released in September.

Check out the photo of the man who "killed" Jim Morrison below...

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Mick Jagger's Daughter Georgia May Jagger Is The New Face Of Mulberry (PHOTOS - VIDEO)

Georgia May Jagger poses seductively in these brand new photos as the face of Mulberry's spring/summer 2015 advertising campaign.  

The daughter of Sir Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall has replaced Mulberry's go-to girl and close pal Cara Delevingne

In case you don't know, Jagger, 23, has also posed for other brands including Vivienne Westwood, H&M and Chanel. Georgia alongside Kate Moss is working for Rimmel since 2009.

As for Jagger's favorite item from the Mulberry's collection is the "Delphie" bag. In her own words: "My favorite bag this season is the "Delphie" bag by Mulberry. It's classic-looking but has an amazing twist; you can change the color by flipping round the side panel. Watch Mulberry's campaign film to see what I mean!"

Check out the video below…

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Madonna Reveals She Is Taylor Swift's Fan: Swift Reacts

Madonna has recently revealed that she likes Taylor Swift's music and Taylor is really excited. 

In an interview with Australia's Today show, Madonna, 56, opened up about young pop stars such as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and more.

"It's good to have princesses," the Queen of Pop claimed, noting: "It means there's a lot of pretty dresses around."

The pop icon then referred to one female artist in particular and was quoted as saying: "I like Taylor Swift. I think she writes some really catchy pop songs. Can't get them out of my head."

After learning Madonna's claims, Swift, 25, took to her Tumblr page on January 27 and wrote: "Thanks now I'm dead." The post was followed by the hashtags: "#HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DEAL WITH THIS #BE COOL TAYLOR STOP BEING EMBARASSING."

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