Demi Lovato Car

Demi Lovato was involved in a minor car accident in May 2011 near her home in Sherman Oaks, California.

Lovato was apparently shaken up but not injured according to witnesses.

Demi reportedly was very responsible and waited over an hour for the owner of the car she hit to arrive on the scene of the fender bender.

It has to be mentioned that Lovato's black Mercedes luxury vehicle suffered scrapes along the driver's side.

Demi had a difficult year at that period of time (rehab due to self-harm issues and eating disorder). The situation was so serious that she had admitted that she quit her job on the Disney show because she could not bare to see her body on television.

Demi Lovato took to Twitter to let fans know that she was ok, but that she had had her first accident today!

    "Today hasn’t started off so great… I was so sleepy this morning I got in my first little accident in my car. :( blahhh"

Then a bit later Demi claimed:

    "To everyone who asked, yes – I’m totally fine! Thank you! Haha just was a huge bummer.. :/"

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