Lady Gaga's Most Terrifying Thing: Love !

Lady Gaga has given "The Sun" her most candid interview, revealing everything from what makes her falling in love to what makes her go Gaga in the bedroom!

That's kind of weird when you consider the fact that Gaga is known for keeping a "Poker face" when discussing about her private life...

Gaga explained that love terrifies her, as she hates the idea of anything coming between her and her career:

"Anyone that got in the way or was being destructive in my life, I just cut them off and concentrated on my music. Love is still the most terrifying thing in life for me"

It's not certainly a coincidence that the revelation came hand-in-hand with the news that Gaga has split from "Vampire Diaries"boyfriend Taylor Kinney. Gaga is still very positive that she will find true love eventually...

"I’m still working on finding love. I know that feeling — that feeling of the impossible. But the only thing I don’t have that feeling about is my work. It’s not dependent on someone else. At the same time, it is an amazing feeling that you can love somebody and that you can share your life."

Lady Gaga has even opened up about what she likes in the bedroom.

"Everybody thinks I’m this sexually-charged pop music maniac — which I am — but I don’t think I enjoyed sex until I was much older... In the bedroom now, I really like being told what to do."

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