Katerina Wilhelmina Is A Unicorn Queen And Teaches You The Basics

Excitement level 11/10!!!

I am happy to announce you that beauty cosmetics company "Unicorn Queen Cosmetics" has selected me as their Unicorn Queen!

Many of you may wonder: "What do you mean by saying you are a Unicorn Queen?" Well, there are two explanations that define the term!

1. The Unicorn Queen has said to be the ruler of all the unicorns. It is believed to be a teen with great intelligence and honor. She is also known as "shraya".

2. A Unicorn Queen is an individual who wears outfits and accessories that feature neon or pastel colors, sparkles, lace and ruffles or anything that reminds you of Doe Deeree, the owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Needless to say, I relate to that!

"Unicorn Queen Cosmetics" is an online shop, where you can find top makeup products and makeup brands that will help you stand out from the crowd! So, if you are ready to let your inner unicorn shine, you can visit their website and get amazing beauty products with 10% off your entire purchase, even items on sale, plus FREE shipping by using my promo code: Wilhelmina 77.

You should keep in mind that Unicorns are real and whoever tells you the opposite, get rid of them, because you can't afford that kind of negativity in your life. As J.K. Rowling says: "It is important to know we all have magic within us."

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