Katerina Wilhelmina Shows You How To Use "Crystal Smooth" Microdermabrasion Device

I am thrilled beyond words to announce that I have teamed up with the inventor and CEO of the "Crystal Smooth" microdermabrasion device Rebecca Dunmire, a working mom in the beauty industry. Rebecca is passionate about skincare and the mission behind her business is to Share Hope as £2 from every "Crystal Smooth" kit is donated to organizations that help women and children at risk for human trafficking. The product she created came out after years of research.

In case you are wondering: "What is Crystal Smooth?", it is a non-motorized system, so you can control the speed and pressure, similar to a traditional toothbrush. You should always remember that your skin should be completely clean and completely dry during treatment. Be sure to take off all makeup, makeup remover and any skincare products from your face before using "Crystal Smooth".

When you use the "Crystal Smooth", you should pull skin tight, so head glides over a flat surface area. You only need to use a small circular motion and move the microderm wand over entire face. There's no need to pass each area more than 2 times!

What is normal and you shouldn't get worried about is that crystals will come off during treatment. That is actually the point as this is a sign that proper exfoliation is taking place.

Another important thing is that you should replace head when all crystals have worn off. When you finish the exfoliation with "Crystal Smooth" , rinse your face with water or a mild fragrance-free cleanser and apply a fragrance-free moisturizer. Be also aware of sun exposure when using "Crystal Smooth" as the combination "sun" and "exfoliation" should be avoided. If you use "Crystal Smooth" in the morning, put on sunscreen on your face. If your skin, however, is extremely sensitive, it is recommended to use "Crystal Smooth" in the evening.

"Crystal Smooth" is the beauty must-have for the busy lifestyle as it is a 2 minute treatment you can practice once a week. Dead skin cells are removed and clogging pores are eliminated, resulting in a glowing, youthful and radiant skin. Especially now that summer heat is affecting our complexion, "Crystal Smooth" is more necessary than ever!

If you want to get a healthier and smoother completion, you can order the "Crystal Smooth" starter kit with 40% off by using my code: MUA40.

You can watch the video I created about the "Crystal Smooth" microdermabrasion device below...


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