Saturday, November 16, 2013

Helena Bonham Carter Plastic Surgery

It is well-known that in Hollywood the pressure is too high for celebrities to stay forever young. On the other hand, there are few of them who swear that they will never go under the plastic surgeon's knife. The reason? Well, these celebrities have completely come to terms with their flaws and love being natural.

English actress actress Helena Bonham Carter stated she would rather grow old gracefully than succumb to plastic surgery.

"I can still move all my face muscles. Age is underrated, I think what's happening is that directors and the studios want actresses who have natural looks, who haven't had any work done," Carter, 47, was quoted as saying.

Carter explained: "I know some actresses who have had bits of work done and it's so good you can't tell".

"The problem is that now the high-definition camera can tell, so it's best to leave your face alone," Carter pointed out. 

"You have two choices. You can have the work done and look weirder. Or have nothing done and look older" Carter claimed, adding: "I think the only way I'll continue to get work is if I don't get anything done."

Carter revealed she admires Judi Dench, who has maintained a successful acting career without the help of plastic surgery.

"Look at Judi Dench. She's beautiful. Talk about her face being her fortune! She never stops working. That's what I want for me," Carter added.

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