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Katerina Wilhelmina Becomes The Inspiration Of German Artist Renate Esenwein

Hello friends! I have to inform you that for almost two years I have met on line with a remarkable German artist and wonderful human being Renate Esenwein. From the moment she reached out to me via Instagram I felt her kindness, warmth and her passion for art. To my surprise I realized that we share the same passions: everything related to art deriving from the spirit of love with the sole purpose of getting people united around the world. Honestly, I have lost my faith that hopeless romantics like me exist. It's hard for people to realize that there are people out there who live and breathe for art. Artists in my country are often mocked as daydreamers who waste their time living in a fantasy. Thank God there are people out there who keep the faith and close their eyes to the harsh reality and paint their lives instead with the colours they choose to use. So, Renate Esenwein was deeply touched by a photo on my Instagram page (@katerinawilhe

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