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The Japanese Aesthetics In Fashion: The Kimono

Hello my friends! I was looking at photos in the morning when I suddenly found this image. I don't know why, but it caught my attention. A sense of high fashion and elegance combined with a touch of pop art culture due to the electric blue and electric yellow colours make this photo unforgettable.

As you can see, this look is influenced by Japanese fashion. The Kimono is the most well known symbol of Japan's visual culture. It is a traditional Japanese garment but over the years has been adopted by Western Civilization. 
You can watch many fashion bloggers and television personalities wear it in the morning paired with jeans for a casual look and also in the night as a dress. In my opinion, when I see someone rocking a kimono as a dress it reminds me of a robe or lingerie and that's because the clothing is made of silk. You can find, however,  kimonos in other textiles as well.
Kimono ( "ki" means: wear and "mono" means: thing ) means "something t…

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