Friday, November 8, 2013

Josh Charles Dating

Josh Charles is an American stage, film and television actor, best known for the roles of Daniel "Dan" Rydell on "Sports Night", Will Gardner on "The Good Wife" and his early work as Knox Overstreet in "Dead Poets Society". Wanna know who dated Josh? Let us examine Josh Charles' dating history below...  

January 1996
Josh Charles dated Ashley Judd.

1999 - 2002
Josh Charles dated Jennifer Connelly. Their romance was doomed by the Oscar curse. Charles dumped Connelly right before the Oscars, where she won for Supporting Actress. Josh couldn't handle her success and supposedly he was annoyed over those Russell Crowe relationship rumors.

January 2003
Josh Charles dated Sheryl Crow. According to, the couple dated for a few months in 2003, but went their separate ways because Crow wanted children and he didn't.

August 2007 - Present
Josh Charles is dating ballet dancer and author Sophie Flack. In September 2013, the pair tied the knot. 

What do you think of Josh Charles' dating history?

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