Monday, November 4, 2013

Theo Alexander Quotes

1. To our European Saviors. From all the young people in Greece: We won't bow, we don't know how.

2. "Chuck" was my first job in America. I played a Greek mafioso. I called my brother, he is younger than me, he said: "So what's the part you're going in to audition for?" I said: "Well, he's a Greek guy, he's mafioso." He said: "Listen man, if you don't book the job and he's a Greek guy, just come back." And he hung up the phone on me!

3. Be who you really are. Be raw, be wrong and surprise yourself everyday. Risk is the way you flirt life.

4. Our poets are not dead…you are completely deaf.

5. (on getting the part on "True Blood") My character is wearing a robe in the first scene. So I went in with my kimono in the audition, and I decided to speak as Greek as I could and bring my heritage into the room. It worked!

6. Society can only predict, but I'm the master of my destiny.

7. To thyself be true…But to which one?

8. The genius of Alan Ball and his team, they're masters of the subconscious and they know how to take you on this journey with everything. The vampires and other creatures are coming in, the shape-shifters, those are all inside of us. Like taking a journey inside of our psyche.

9. Don't deny life, you have an eternity to do that when you are dead.

10. "American Beauty" is one of the most honest movies I've ever seen. He goes for the truth no matter how ugly it is.

11. To the girls that text all over the world, about being lonely and loveless, stop texting and look up. The love of your life just passed by.

12. I remember that I went back to my trailer and I concentrated. I did some acting exercises. I was playing the archetype of a lover, so I put on a sexy, slow song and almost did like a belly dance. I tried to get into the mindset of just being sexy and not caring about your sexual preferences and just acting on that attraction.

13. The only cure for depression is Victory.

14. In Greece. I missed the insanity.

15. They're some of the most talented group of people assembled in the world. They're so good. I mean my husband's a Tony Award winner, Denis O'Hare. And just dancing with them, like Alex, Stephen, Anna, it's wonderful! It's very challenging because you know that everyday on set you have to bring your A-game and nothing more. Even after fifteen hours of shooting you have to be on top of everything. That's actually the most exciting thing, to be able to really play with the best.

16. Ready for acting class. Remember half of the work is showing up.

17. I lived my life in tension and then I realized that's not living. Let's chill out and enjoy the ride.

18. I'm in a marriage relationship and every marriage has its problems - even for vampires.

19. Getting ready to devour my new role…It's time to transform.

20. My vampire goes through ancient rituals and he comes back as a straight, nice vampire and he goes out with Sookie. At least, that is my plan for Talbot.

21. Just talked to Ryan Gosling. He made my day. What an inspiration.

22. It's only trees in Bon Temps. Very Waiting for Godot.  Ah, existential theater meets "True Blood!"

23. You can't numb pain without numbing joy and love.

24. Remember my brothers and sisters: Depression breeds recession.

25. We gave birth to democracy so we will take care of our baby. We don't need a German nanny. Especially if it looks like you.

26. It's been a very good year. I have to show my mother that the money that was spent on university was not a waste.

27. I went to an acting school, Circle in the Square, and after that I went to Greece and did a movie. After that I came out here and I've been very fortunate, I've been working ever since.

28. I was a chubby kid, you know, on the stage is where I found a place that felt like home and I could be myself. That’s what propelled me into acting, being a little bit chubby and making people laugh.

29. All of my friends and my fans loved the character and I'm really happy about it. I want to tell them a big "thanks" for all of their support.

30. (about Greece) Some call it paradise, we call it home.

31. Who comes out when you take off your mask? Try it.

32. I'm in a carnivore state of mind.

33. I always wanted to see a four hour song and dance celebration of the musical "Chicago".

34. What's the biggest sacrifice you have done for your art?

35. On my way to Crete to get the blessing of Nikos Kazantzakis to achieve the impossible.

36. Do not wait anyone to give you your permission to create. Claim it with whole fabric of your existence.

37. Dear academy thank you for the wonderful Tonnys ceremony tonight.

38. I don't think any really truthful actor feels uninhibited, and I think that Alex falls into that category. It's all about the scene, the character, the art.

39. Put a blank page on the wall and write from your guts. Write with blood and create art.

40. (oh his sex scene with Alexander Skarsgård) Alexander (Skarsgård) and I were both a little bit anxious, but we were joking and being professional. Alexander is a great actor, though, and he helped me get beyond the physical part of the scene. I had been afraid of the scene from the very beginning - from the first moment that I held the script in my hand - but I'm glad I did it because every time you face your fears, you move forward. It was a good experience at the end of the day.

41. Women say they want a prince on a white horse to come and swipe them away. Yet, when they hear a strong gallop, they run away.

42. I realized that there are no rules and that you should not care what people think. You can have your own sexual preference. You can cook or you can kill, but you should just not care what people will say.

43. If an orgasm is a "small death", is masturbation a "small suicide"?

44. I don't really do that, so…I didn't want to think of him as a woman. Many people told me: "Oh, just close your eyes and think of him as a woman." But no, because that is a totally different energy and I had to be very present with Alex and his male energy. I had to open myself to be able to actually be attracted to him, like, really attracted to him. At the end of the day, it was fun, though.

45. Don't ask us what's going on in Greece. No one knows. What I know is that we will survive so don't worry. 

46. Just danced onstage with Prince, Nicole from Pussycat Dolls and Sheila E.

47. When will there be justice in Athens? There will be justice in Athens when those who are not injured are as outraged as those who are.

48. In dark times, you got to be your own Sun.

49. Two movies with Phillip Seymour Hoffman back to back humbles you as an actor.

50. I do not think that any actor ever in the world will have the chance to say "I had to bury werewolves under the gazebo" again.

51. Chuck Norris is so tough that he made a honey badger cry.

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