Friday, May 30, 2014

Louis Tomlinson Thanks Supporters As Fans Demand Apology For Racial Slurs

Louis Tomlinson thanked fans for their support on Thursday in the wake of the leaked One Direction drug footage, but many followers are pleading for a formal apology.

Just in case you have missed it, Tomlinson, 20, and Zayn Malik, 20, seem to be smoking pot in a clip obtained earlier this week by the Daily Mail.

The video also features Louis using racial slurs - in fact the N-word - and the word "gay" degradingly.

Several Directioners have claimed they are more infuriated about the language used than the fact that the two performers were smoking weed in Peru.

Neither Tomlinson nor Malik has commented anything about the leaked video, but Louis shared on twitter on Thursday night: "Massive love to all our fans!! So incredibly supportive! Loveeeee."

The tweet came a few hours after Tomlinson had also posted: "Gigs have been great so far. Really looking forward to Manchester tomorrow !! Big love!"

Briefly after his second tweet, "#apologizelouistomlinson" started trending on twitter, slamming Tomlinson for ignoring the matter.

An earlier twitter hoax ensued which wrongly suggested Malik had been in prison and both trends followed two days after the controversial clip led users to annoyingly tweet "#CutForZouis."

Zayn has yet to tweet since the scandal broke.

A spokesperson for One Direction would only say in a statement on Wednesday that "the matter is in the hands of our lawyers."

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