Monday, December 15, 2014

Chris Hemsworth Talks Brothers Liam And Luke In "GQ"

Chris Hemsworth flaunted his toned body on the cover of GQ's January 2015 issue, on newsstands December 16.

In an interview with the outlet, Hemsworth, 31, opened up about being protective of younger brother Liam: "I've watched Liam do things I did at his age, like being in relationships he shouldn't be in, or being reckless just to prove a point. And I had no empathy. My mom had to remind me I was the same way."

The "Blackhat" star explained to the mag about how older brother Luke helped save his career: "Back when I was still on the soap, I became incredibly insecure and full of anxiety because I didn't know if I was any good. I spent years being angsty, constantly telling people I wasn't just part of a soap opera, that I was a real artist. And I remember Luke sort of snapping, telling me to shut up, that he was sick of hearing it."

Hemsworth also talked about getting partying out of his system before getting to Hollywood: "The fame, the parties, the women - I did that stuff back home. I got away with a lot more over there. Then I came here and sort of started over."

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