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George Clooney Filmography

George Clooney, born on May 6, 1961, is an American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter. For his work as an actor, he has received three Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award.  

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Actor - Film

1987     "Return to Horror High"    as Oliver 

1987     "Grizzly II: The Predator"         Uncredited

1987     "Combat Academy"     as Maj. Biff Woods 

1988     "Return of the Killer Tomatoes"    as Matt Stevens 

1990     "Red Surf  Remar"

1992     "Unbecoming Age"     as Mac   

1993     "The Harvest"     as Lip-synching transvestite   

1996    " From Dusk till Dawn"    as Seth Gecko  

1996     "One Fine Day"     as Jack Taylor 

1997    "The Peacemaker"    as Thomas Devoe  

1997     "Batman & Robin"     as Bruce Wayne/Batman 

1998     "The Thin Red Line"    as  Captain Bosche   

1998     "Out of Sight"     as Jack Foley     

1998     "Waiting for Woody"    as Himself     Short

1999     "Three Kings"    as Major Archie Gates 

1999     "The Book That Wrote Itself"    as Himself  

1999     "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut"   as Doctor Gouache (voice)   

2000     "The Perfect Storm"     as Billy "Skip" Tyne

2000     "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"     as Ulysses Everett McGill  

2001     "Ocean's Eleven"    as Danny Ocean 

2001     "Spy Kids"     as Devlin 

2002     "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind"    as CIA Officer Jim Byrd     Also director

2002     "Solaris"     as Chris Kelvin

2002     "Welcome to Collinwood"     as Jerzy  

2002     "Starbuck Holger Meins"  Documentary

2003    "Intolerable Cruelty"     as Miles Massey

2003    " Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over"     as Devlin

2004     "Ocean's Twelve"    as Danny Ocean 

2005     "Good Night, and Good Luck"   as Fred Friendly     Also co-writer, director

2005     "Syriana"     as Bob Barnes

2006     "The Good German"     as Jake Geismar  

2007     "Michael Clayton"    as Michael Clayton

2007     "Darfur Now"     as Himself    

2007     "Ocean's Thirteen"     as Danny Ocean  

2008     "Leatherheads"    as Jimmy "Dodge" Connelly Also co-writer, director

2008     "Burn After Reading"   as Harry Pfarrer 

2009     "Fantastic Mr. Fox"     as Mr. Fox (voice) 

2009     "The Men Who Stare at Goats"    as Lyn Cassady 

2009     "Up in the Air "   as Ryan Bingham

2010     "The American"    as Jack 

2011     "The Ides of March"     as Governor Mike Morris     Also co-writer, director

2011     "The Descendants"    as Matt King 

2013     "Gravity     as Matt Kowalsky     Post-production

Actor - Television

1984     "E/R"     as Mark "Ace" Kolmar 

1984     "Riptide"   as Lenny Colwell (a kidnapper)     1 episode: "Where the Girls Are"

1985    "Street Hawk"    as Kevin Stark     1 episode: "A Second Self"

1985     "The Facts of Life "    as George Burnett  

1987     "Murder, She Wrote"    as Kip Howard     1 episode: "No Laughing Murder"

1987     "The Golden Girls"    as Detective Bobby Hopkins     1 episode: "To Catch a Neighbor"

1988     "Roseanne"     as Booker Brooks     11 episodes

1992     "Bodies of Evidence"     as Ryan Walker     16 episodes; co-main role

1993     "Sisters"     as Detective James Falconer 

1994     "ER"     as Dr. Doug Ross     107 episodes

1995     "Friends"    as Dr. Michael Mitchell     Episode: "The One with Two Parts, Part Two"

1997    "Full-Tilt Boogie"   as Himself     Documentary

1997     "South Park"     as Sparky the Dog (voice)     1 episode: "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride"

2000     "Fail Safe"     as Col. Jack Grady

Actor - Theatre

2012   8     as David Boies    


2002     "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind"

2005     "Good Night, and Good Luck"

2005     "Unscripted"     5 episodes

2008     "Leatherheads" 

2011     "The Ides of March"


1999     "Kilroy"     TV; also writer

2000     "Fail Safe"     Executive producer

2001    "Rock Star"     Executive producer

2002     "Insomnia"     Executive producer

2002     "Welcome to Collinwood"     Executive producer

2002     "Far from Heaven"     Executive producer

2003     "K Street"     Executive producer, 10 episodes

2004     "Criminal" 

2005     "The Jacket"  

2005     "Unscripted"     10 episodes

2005     "The Big Empty"     Executive producer

2005     "Syriana"     Executive producer

2005     "Rumor Has It..."     Executive producer

2006     "A Scanner Darkly"     Executive producer

2006     "Pu-239"     Executive producer

2007     "Michael Clayton"     Executive producer

2007     "Sand and Sorrow"    Executive producer;


2007     "Wind Chill"    Executive producer

2008     "Leatherheads" 

2009     "The Informant!"     Executive producer

2009     "Playground"     Executive producer

2009     "The Men Who Stare at Goats"

2010     "Hope for Haiti Now"

2011     "The Ides of March" 

2012     "Argo"


2005     "Good Night, and Good Luck"

2008     "Leatherheads"

2011     "The Ides of March"

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Jean Paul Gaultier Quotes

1. I've always felt more at home in the UK than in France.

2. People think that everyone wears black in France; in fact they all wear grey.

3. I don't like dreams or reality. I like when dreams become reality because that is my life.

4. Doing fashion drawings was the only way I had to express myself when I was a teenager.

5. When I started in fashion, I had already adopted the sailor-striped sweater as my uniform; that way, I wouldn't have to drive myself crazy trying to figure out what to wear.

6. I'm still astounded by some people's reaction to things I consider quite normal.

7. I was fascinated by movies from age 12.

8. Sometimes I have chosen to see films just by their posters.

9. I don't know exactly what is my impact, but I can say I am doing fashion my own way.

10. People are fed up with something when it becomes more and more popular.

11. Always my collections are made of different influences.

12. It is beautiful to be what you are.

13. My clothes have always been expensive. Even though I have had a few lower-priced lines over the years, little by little everything I do tends toward the luxury market.

14. If it's too fashiony, it's not interesting to me.

15. The great thing about American women is their energy and the way they love to dress. French women don't really dress; they are too conservative, as it's always a question of money. In America, women are powerful and strong, determined. If they want to be an object, they choose to be in control.

16. In France, history is paralyzing.

17. The shock of the way I mix patterns and fabrics can be disconcerting, but what I am trying to do is provoke new ideas about how pieces can be put together in different ways. I think this is a more modern way to wear clothes that in themselves are fairly classic.

18. I was lucky to have parents who loved me.

19. My eccentricity became direction.

20. I would like to say to people, open your eyes and find beauty where you normally don't expect it.

21. I have loved corsets since I was small. When I was a child, my grandmother took me to an exhibition, and they had a corset on display. I loved the flesh color, the salmon satin, the lace.

22. Fashion is about what you look like, which translates to what you would like to be like.

23. Clothes are expensive. You have to buy them, and to buy them, you have to believe in them.

24. Fashion is not art. Never.

25. My best experiences with movies have come when I didn't know what to see.

26. People are so codified - it's sad.

27. There are some people who say and do terrible things and they are not even punished for it.

28. When I do my collection, it is in a way my own story.

29. I know what I am able and not able to do. Fashion? OK. Fashion... clothes in theatre, in an opera, in a concert - all that I love. To make a movie myself... no!

30. When people have good energy I feel it. And generally I feel that people do like me. And that makes me very happy.

31. I am very lucky because I am realizing my childhood dreams, and after presenting my shows it's like a party.

32. I could say that making clothes is my way of communicating, because I was always so shy.

33. I take life as it happens. And I give myself a lot of freedom.

34. You see me, I wanted to be fashion designer. I became fashion designer. So I think that everything is possible.

35. I start each collection thinking how I can refresh my classics.

36. Elegance is a question of personality, more than one's clothing.

37. I will stay in my bed! (On celebrating his upcoming 60th birthday)

38. That name came from people who did not know what to say about me. People were interested in me and they didn’t know what to call it. So they said: "Enfant terrible." (On his famous "enfant terrible" nickname)

39. What is masculine and what is feminine, anyway? Why should men not show that they can be fragile or seductive? I am only happy when there is no discrimination. (on stereotypes)

40. It wasn’t like an old French house. It wasn’t that old prostitution of doing everything for money; it was doing things for the love of the idea. He taught me to be truly free-spirited. (on Pierre Cardin)

41. (I put her) in the cone bra a long time before Madonna. (On dressing his teddy bear as a child)

42. I said later, if she hadn’t asked me to make clothes for her, I would’ve killed the one that she did ask. (on Madonna)

43. I think that the collection is very much sophisticated and very woman. It's elegant, not at all sportswear. But it's very much like daytime, but elegant.

44. It's very free. My cubes are in crepe and in fabrics that move.

45. (It's) like a Parisian punkette. You know, originally the punk (were) English so it's the French version of punk which means a kind of bourgeois. A little chic, elegant and (some kind of) accident (can) happen.

46. (But) for women, you put it on as a dress, so you have to put your leg in it. That's it, ... And the zipper on the back and that's it.

47. I am 1952. I masticate. I am like a big stomach.

48. We have to celebrate the end of the millennium with brio.

49. If there is somebody we're interested in we might place a phone call and send them a look book.

50. Do you know that cats can't wear corsets? They can't stand! Not at all! They just fall over. I know because I tried!

51. I love Madonna. She is the only woman I have asked to marry me. She refused, of course.

52. Anna Wintour is a lot more monstrous than she is described!

53. Designers are to be in connection with what’s happening with the movement of society.

54. I wish I had invented the best accessory in the world - the condom.

55. Phtt! "enfant terrible"…you know, it’s like grey hair…I’m a little bit fatty…

56. He’s not like the old type of let’s say, maybe like a drag queen or a transvestite, not at all. He’s Andrej! (On the model Andrej Pejic)

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Iggy Pop Quotes

1. I like music that's more offensive. I like it to sound like nails on a blackboard, get me wild.

2. Nobody understands me, I'm really sensitive. Everyone thinks I should be so happy, f... all these chicks, and all the drugs and being a star. But I hurt. And I'm lonely.

3. What did Christ really do? He hung out with hard-drinking fishermen.

4. I never believed that U2 wanted to save the whales. I don't believe that The Beastie Boys are ready to lay it down for Tibet.

5. Well, I don't use the toilet much to pee in. I almost always pee in the yard or the garden, because I like to pee on my estate.

6. I stare at myself in the mirror and I think: "Wow, I'm really great-looking."… I think I'm the greatest, anyway.

7. If I don't terrorize, I'm not Pop.

8. Look, you're here to see me, and I can't go on until my dealer is here, and he's waiting to be paid, so give me some money so I can fix up, and then you'll get your show.

9. She looked at me penetratingly. So I suppose you can figure out what happened next.

10. Well, the stuff that has become more commercial doesn't have any edge.

11. I feel like God peed on all my enemies. For a long time I was very bitter that the people who controlled the means of anybody ever hearing my songs were never gonna play them. They only favored music that I specifically and particularly hated, and I wanted them dead. Suddenly, there was another avenue. I started hearing my stuff coming out of bars and then it started to happen little by little - a movie song here or a TV ad there.

12. You know, I'm fifty-two now and I call myself a singer. Before I kick it I want to be able to carry a tune in a living room if called upon. Of course, mine come out all dark and twisted and weird.

13. Everybody's a little more worldly now, and there's more exposure to things. When I made Fun House, back in 1970, nobody wanted to interview me. It was wonderful. I was like one of those little white things you find living under rocks, that every once in a while people pull up by mistake and go: "aagh!" But now everybody has a video camera, and that may have changed the nature of "the message from below," as it were.

14. This town is diverse as shit. I like it here a lot. (on Miami)

15. Yeah, she's heard the war stories ... I tell it all to her. I think one has to, because one wants to know somebody, and one wants to feel that somebody knows one. I mean, the embarrassment quotient has been going down for a long time, and the fond amusement has been rising. (On discussing his past escapades with his girlfriend.)

16. As society has changed, what had formerly been unacceptable has become colorful, even the broken-glass thing. Although, you know, there's an archetypal element to that anyway. ... It's about the blood ... The Christians used that riff with Christ. What did Christ really do? He hung out with hard-drinking fishermen. And when they asked him: "Why are you hanging out with prostitutes and fishermen?" he said: "Because they need me." What a line, you know? But what your martial society really wants is blood. We need some blood. We need some suffering. Like, the individual must suffer for the good of the whole. I toy around with that. Early on, I wasn't looking at Jesus Christ, saying to myself: "What an angle." I wasn't trying to be Christ-y. But, after all, on one level, this is showbiz. (On his stage performances, including acts where he would crawl and roll on broken glass)

17. You say I look goofy? OK, great. You say it's comedy? Great. Whatever anyone thought, I didn't care. Could be goony, could be sexy, could be stupid, could be cool. I didn't know, but as long as it was something, you know? (On his performances)

18. Bowie's a real man, and I'm a real woman - just like Catherine Deneuve.

19. This is the key thing that has always been misunderstood about me. All this f... crap they said I did ... I only did it because I believed I was playing the actual music that was appropriate and good to reflect that time and place. ... Frankly, I've always felt I was completely innocent.

20. I used to catch myself - maybe we'd be having dinner with the future king of Spain, and I'd be grumpy, like, "What are we doing here, hanging out with these swells?" And then, right away, I'd realize, "Dude, you're jealous." It got very hard on a certain level. He was a person of affairs, in the worldly sense, with a lot of choices laid out on his smorgasbord. I had no choices whatsoever. I was a pariah. But a very fortunate one, in that he saw something worthwhile in me, and he made me two terrific records. He gave me the break I needed to continue living life. He is my benefactor. (On his relations with David Bowie)

21. I've never had any sort of macho revulsion of fags, but Bowie and I - never, never, never, never. Everybody would think that, but I never saw him be that way anyway. I'll tell you this. That guy got more p-u-s-s-y. I couldn't believe it. Talk about a bitch magnet. Damn! Actresses, heiresses, waitresses, skateresses. And me? I was just left holding my d... most of the time. I had this short haircut, and I looked like a duck. But I got lucky sometimes. I got a good song out of a girl I was knocking off at the time, and it became "China Girl." (On rumours that he and Bowie were lovers.)

22. I'm really not good with the pickups. I'm a klutz and don't have a line of gab. I'm only good if they know who I am. So I'll just sit and wait for somebody to say: "Aren't you ... ?" and then go from there.

23. Have you ever noticed that a small creature, like a mouse or a mole, when faced with danger, they just stop? I've had big, long periods in my life when I was a lot like that. I just froze. It was not fun, but it was what I thought I had to do. And that's how I lived, pretty much, at one time. I have a hot memory, but I know I've forgotten many things, too, just squashed things in favor of survival. The only thing missing from my life right now is what I've got, and it's peace. I have more than I ever had ... and not as much as I would like.

24. You write about things of importance to you. And it's gotta be for real. Do I think about my d...? Oh, yeah, all the time. If I think about it all the time, I got a right to sing about it. If I wasn't thinking about it all the time but thought: "It's time to write a rock song, I'd better mention my d...," then I wouldn't even be able to say "d..." right. Besides, it's an ecological line. It's not: "My d... is all bad, m... , wickety wackety woo." It's nature-oriented. (Pauses, looking serious, then laughs) It is!

25. I'm not ashamed to dress "like a woman" because I don't think it's shameful to be a woman.

26. I think that all the years of exposure to amps and electricity has altered my body chemistry.

27. They say that death kills you, But death doesn't kill you. Boredom and indifference kill you.

28. I've probably been spit on more that any person alive outside of, I would say, a member of the prison system.

29. Nihilism is best done by professionals.

30. That band could kill any band at the time and frankly can just kill any bands that built on this work since…just eat any of those poodles (on his band The Stooges.)

31. I can't do it all myself. I'm not that kind of artist, I'm the kind of artist who works off other people best. It was like playing with Tinker toys or dominoes, trying to get all the pieces to fit like a jigsaw puzzle so I'd have a whole portrait but it would still have many facets.

32. The most successful stuff is sold to you as indispensable social information. The message in the music is: "We are terribly, terribly slick and suave, and if you listen to us, you can probably get a leg up in society, too". (on modern music)

33. Punk rock is a word used by dilettantes and heartless manipulators about music that takes up the energies, the bodies, the hearts, the souls, the time and the minds of young men who give everything they have to it.(1977)

34. I don't know Johnny Rotten, but I'm sure he puts as much blood and sweat into what he does as Sigmund Freud did.

35. The industrialism in Detroit...what I heard walking around...boom boom bah - 10 cars...boom boom bah - 20 cars...I get a lot of my influence from the electric shaver…
(When asked by Dinah Shore what influenced his music)

36. I spent most of the eighties, most of my life, riding around in somebody else’s car, in possession of, or ingested of, something illegal, on my way from something illegal to something illegal with many illegal things happening all around me.

37. What I do on stage has utterly no purpose.

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Debbie Harry Quotes

1. Lately I've been believing that music predates speech.

2. I don't mind if my skull ends up on a shelf as long as it's got my name on it.

3. I love the ACLU and I'm concerned now, especially when it comes to our rights, with current politics and the religious community and the Conservative majority or minority - I don't know who they are.

4. But, you know, the issues of humanity and what is fair treatment and good treatment of a fellow human being should not really be based on a personal sense of right and wrong or judgment.

5. I have a lot of regrets, but I'm not going to think of them as regrets.

6. That was the impetus for me to do music or art, because I knew if I didn't try when I was young, then I would get to be in my 40's and I'd be really unhappy that I hadn't.

7. And I wasn't convinced that I was the most talented person in the world.

8. Capote wrote every day. He said that's the only way, you have to sit down every day and do it.

9. I do know the effect that music still has on me - I'm completely vulnerable to it. I'm seduced by it.

10. I'm a culture vulture, and I just want to experience it all.

11. We probably, as primitive people, made music before we actually had a language, and that's where language comes from.

12. Music is wonderful. Especially if there's some kind of content to it.

13. And living in a metropolitan area which is ethnically diverse, our lives are very complicated, so our emotional experiences are going to be varied like that.

14. I always say the new album is the best one yet. I always feel that - I really do, because it's the latest and it's the newest and it's a little bit better.

15. You always fall for the rascal or the guy who's got a little bit of the devil in him. You can't help it.

16. I turned on VH1 this morning just to get a little warm-up before I came over here, and I think it's just terrific. There's so much great stuff: diverse and wonderful music, good performances, great looking girls, great videos, the whole thing.

17. Christina Aguilera is an incredible musician and singer.

18. I feel like I have to have a voice.

19. Something's that written out is okay, but it's not always a clear indication of what a person means.

20. But as a writer and performer, I want to get paid for what I do.

21. But computers have changed the world for everyone, so there will be some way of working it out.

22. We wanted to enjoy what we were doing and we had business things we had to straighten out and personnel problems and it sort of took a little time to do it.

23. And New Year's Eve is very, very important to me.

24. I always work on New Year's Eve, no matter what.

25. I get myself a gig somewhere, whether it's in a club, whether it's in a bar, it doesn't matter, and I just work on New Year's Eve because I always feel it's very symbolic for me for the next year, for the new year.

26. I've had some lovely extraordinary experiences on New Year's Eve.

27. I mean I think that Blondie's influence is a little bit in a way more eclectic than those bands.

28. I think it's a Blondie tradition that all of our albums sort of have a wide spread of styles.

29. I really, really like writing songs.

30. I did have regular boyfriends and with them, I could be a bad girl, but I wasn't like a bad girl for the neighborhood or a big slut.

31. We don't have control over that. I think it stinks. I don't like it. It just makes me feel like I should carry a mop at all times.

32. We never toured (together) in the past and I am looking forward to this. I think it's going to be a very powerful show. It's probably one of the most compatible bills that we've ever been on as far as far as music styles.

33. This was like going to school for us. It's part of our heritage. It would be horrible to see it close.

34. The only thing I really wanted to be was a beatnik, and look what happened: I ended up being in a band.

35. I feel one of the things I brought to rock and roll was that sort of movie star glamour and image, and that's what always fascinated me. I always wanted to be that blonde, glowing woman on film, and it was sort of automatically thrown at my feet - and I went with it.

36. I certainly didn't think that we would get back together after we broke up in the '80s, but there you go.

37. A lot of the bands were really, really different and a lot of them actually didn't become huge but I think were hugely influential.

38. Morality should have to do with killing people or hurting them or stealing from them, but when it comes to adult choices, I don't see it.

39. The radio stations have become big conglomerates, so the programming has become more unified throughout the whole country.

40. There was some healthy competition going on, but it wasn't about the music itself.

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Debbie Harry Plastic Surgery

Debbie Harry knows exactly what she wants when it comes to plastic surgery procedures.

Debbie Harry, 67, has openly admitted to having plastic surgery and claims that she did a lot of research after making the decision to go under the surgeon's knife.

"I was careful about who I went with. I looked around, I interviewed. For me, it wasn’t just a madness. That does happen, panic sets in, and people make bad decisions. But not me, I did my homework," Debbie was quoted as saying.

"There were places I went to that were really scary and I ran out" Debbie revealed.

Debbie insists that even if she weren’t famous, she would have had plastic surgery and loves her results.

"I think I’d been very depressed about myself, I might not have done it. But it gave me a certain encouragement and satisfaction," Debbie stated.

"Women just have a more rigorous time physically than men. It’s a challenge," Debbie explained.

In fact, Debbie Harry revealed to having undergone a facelift, however, she is now suspected of also having undergone a browlift, Botox injections, eyelid surgery, and possibly an additional facelift. These surgery procedures leave Harry without wrinkles or sagging skin, even around the eyes. On the various surgeries Debbie stated: "Yeah, I had a facelift years ago. Why not? It gives you all the things you need to be part of the action. I don’t feel like hiding myself away." Also, Debbie reveals her plastic surgeries were for "business reasons": "Everybody knows that I’ve had plastic surgery. I did it for business reasons. You photograph better, and looks are a key part of being an entertainer, so I felt it was something I had to do. All sorts of horrific things happen in life - why make it worse by worrying about getting older? Do some charity work, or learn a new skill instead."

The question is: What plastic surgeon experts think of Harry's plastic surgery?

According to Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer "The most important detail in deciding to have cosmetic surgery is in choosing your plastic surgeon.  It is important to find a qualified plastic surgeon, one that has plenty of experience in the procedure you are interested in, and that you feel comfortable and safe with that surgeon.  Debbie Harry looks great. The results are natural looking and not too overdone. The most important thing is that she is happy with the results."

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer claims: "Debbie Harry looks great. When compared to earlier photos, she appears to have had several procedures. Her clean jawline, absence of previous jowls and tight neckline suggest surgical intervention such as facelift. Her lips have marked definition and fullness along the vermilion border suggesting filler injection such as Juvederm or Restylane. Her upper lids appear hollowed out which presumably is from her previous suspected upper blepharoplasty. Finally, her smooth forehead and acutely arched brows are likely from Botox Cosmetic or endoscopic brow lift."

Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California, states: "It seems like since we last saw Debbie, she’s undergone a brow lift and possible a revision blepharoplasty. If you look closely, you’ll notice that her forehead is longer than it was in the past and her upper eyelid crease is higher than it previously was. With time, you’d expect the opposite to occur - sagging of these areas, which isn’t what we see in recent snapshots."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrel J Aston was quoted as saying: "Debbie Harry has been open about many aspects of her life including her beliefs on plastic surgery. She has candidly admitted to several procedures already and I believe she has undergone yet another. Debbie’s bone structure and skin quality have always set her apart as a great beauty. At the age of 67 she is setting new standards for aging gracefully. She is modern and sexy without looking overly taut or plastic. She has single handily changed the definition of a senior citizen and I think she is a role model for other women."

Judging by the results of her plastic surgery, it appears that Debbie must have had an excellent plastic surgery recovery. 

Now it looks like Debbie is continuing with her plastic surgery regimen, as she seems firmer than ever, which is likely due to her continued use of facial fillers as well as a possible revision blepharoplasty.

It is more than obvious that Debbie’s plastic surgeon is possessed of remarkable skill because Debbie looks amazing at her age, but not overdone like many of her celebrity peers.

Conclusion: Plastic surgery has undeniably proved to be a wise business decision as Blondie continues to tour to the joy of fans.

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Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Reconciled: Why?

Two months after Us Weekly broke news of Kristen Stewart's July 17 fling with married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, 41, Stewart, 22, has reunited with boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.

The "Twilight" costars and couple of three years "are living together and have reconciled," an insider revealed in the new issue of Us, out Friday.

The question is: How did Stewart win back her Robert ?

With a series of tearful apologies after Pattinson finally starting taking her calls. "He started thinking nobody else would understand his life," explained a friend. "His rational voice told him not to toss a three-year relationship for one infidelity."

"Rob weighed his options. He wouldn't even know where to start if he wand Kristen were to break up for good," a source told Us. "They have a very deep connection," another source close to the pair explained. "Plus, they're young. All relationships at that age have drama."

On the other hand, Stewart faces one tough challenge: winning over Pattinson's friends. "They don't want to see him get hurt again," a source claimed. "But Rob has hope in their romance," another source added.

Now that the couple has reconciled, they can present a united front at the multi-city "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" press tour in November. "They're afraid of backlash, so they're keeping things on the down-low," a Pattinson pal stated. "They'll wait a few months, then announce they're getting back together."

What do you think of Pattinson's reunion with Kristen Stewart? Would they last?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger In Affair With Brigitte Nielsen

Arnold Schwarzenegger is confirming that he had a "hot affair" with actress Brigitte Nielsen at a time he and Maria Shriver were dating and already living together.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brigitte Nielsen co-starred in the 1985 film "Red Sonja." Nielsen wrote in a memoir published last year that she and Schwarzenegger had an "outrageous affair" while making the movie and that she did know until later that he was involved with Maria Shriver.

In his memoir "Total Recall," coming out on Monday, Schwarzenegger writes that he and Nielsen did indeed have a "hot affair," but he knew it wouldn't last. In fact, their "fling" only made him realize that he wanted to marry Shriver.

Nielsen went on to marry Schwarzenegger's pal Sylvester Stallone, but the pair divorced after 19 months of marriage.

Photo credit: Frederick M. Brown & Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

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