Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cate Blanchett "So Fu*king Proud Of Emma Watson"

Cate Blanchett graces the cover of PORTER magazine's latest issue and she looks absolutely gorgeous. 

Blanchett, 45, opened up to the mag about the media: "I'm really fascinated by what we accept and what we ignore and how we process the white noise being shoveled down our throats. It used to be you'd go to the hairdressers and pick up those evil magazines and feel dirty. It's like watching too much porn, I guess."

The Oscar winner commented about Emma Watson's famous UN speech: "I was so fu*king proud of Emma Watson's speech at the UN. It was brilliant, such an incredible use of her airspace, and really passionate. It was fantastic."

Cate also shared with the the outlet about moving to Sydney: "We're really boring. We've got three kids; I'm not married to an actor. No one's interested in us, and that's part of the reason why we live here - because nobody gives a sh*t."

She also talked about being judged by other mothers: "You know there's an extra judgment. You know they're really observing how you parent. They don't know that you cram everything in to make space for your kids like any working parent. Playing the lead in a film where you shoot for three months away from home is not an easy thing for me when my children are in school and my husband is running a theater company. They assume you have a nanny and a driver and a chef. Who gives a sh*t whether I do or not? The fact is, I don't, but you know there is a certain circle of people - and we all get insecure - who then ask: "Why can't she brush her hair?" You just have to shrug that off."

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Scott Caan Dating

Scott Caan is an American actor, best known for playing detective Danny "Danno" Williams in the CBS television series "Hawaii Five-0". Wanna know who dated Scott? Let us examine Scott Caan's dating history below...

unknown date
Scott Caan dated Izabella Miko.

2005 - 2006    
Scott Caan dated Kimberly Stewart.

unknown date - Present
Scott Caan is dating Kacy Byxbee. According to Us Weekly, the pair welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Josie James Caan, on July 9, 2014.    

What do you think of Scott Caan's dating history?

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Abigail Breslin Quotes

1. I really like to cook.  

2. Well, you know, I never want to feel like I have a set plan of what I'm supposed to do. I kind of like to go script by script, and if I like the character and like the story that's why I want to do a movie.

3. (her experience on the set of "Signs") "Everyone was just so nice. The director would ask me if I was OK with my scenes and if something was too scary. Joaquin (Joaquin Phoenix) was great, too. We would thumb-wrestle between takes. I always won!

4. I've always been a huge fan of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

5. I want to do wardrobe. I want to do hair. I want to do makeup. I want to do writing. I want to do directing. I want to do all of it. I like it. And I want to do producing.

6. I'm a huge horror movie fan. Beyond belief.

7. I would hope that someday, in my lifetime that I'd be able to tell my kids there use to be a thing called cancer but it doesn't exist anymore.

8. I never want to play the same character twice. I like to do different roles. I have fun with that.

9. (Shame on Sandy Benefit 2013) When the hurricane hit, I was in Oklahoma filming, and I had been away from home for quite a long time, I was really homesick, so I went into the basement of where I was staying to write the song.

10. I would love to do a "Scream"-type movie.

11. Everybody's always like: "Are you so sick of people saying Little Miss Sunshine?" No, because I'd so much rather them say that than, like: "Little Miss Effed Up in the Head." I love that movie. It's a part of me and it always will be.

12. I love animated movies in general. I like making them.

13. (about her first movie role in "Signs") It was the coolest experience ever! I hadn't done any other movie roles, so I was really nervous.

14. I have a really great family, and when I'm not filming, I go home and walk the dogs, take out the garbage, clean my room, all that stuff. My family and my friends keep me in line, and make sure I don't get crazy.

15. I'm from New York. I have a non, neutral accent. It can go any way you want.

16. My mom didn't ever think I would take to acting because I was a very shy, very reserved kind of child. But obviously, something changed!

17. I'm pretty boring.

18. I love Chicago.

19. It's cheesy, but having a pimple or a bad hair day isn't going to matter in five years. I don't always remember that, but I try.

20. I try to make myself do things for other people when I'm feeling down. Like, you can call your local hospital and help out in the pediatric unit.

21. I've never had a treehouse because I live in New York City. It would be a little bit hard to fit a treehouse in a New York City apartment.

22. I made my first movie when I was five.

23. I'd love to work with Michelle Williams. I think that she's incredible. She's such a great actress and I love her.

24. My phone is always in front of me, 24/7.

25. A lot of the time I'm working with people who are older than me.

26. People say, like: "Are you a regular person?" "Well, I'm not a robot, if that's what you're asking, I really am a person."

27. I've been really lucky with the people that I've gotten to work with. I learn a lot from them, just by watching them.

28. I like English, and I like writing essays, and all that stuff.

29. Well, my brother started acting before I did.

30. What's my favorite food? One you order out.

31. I don't really like to talk about other people. I think people who have things going on in their lives, I think they have enough to deal with, they don't need, you know, Abigail Breslin weighing in on their lives.

32. I'd like to do more TV; TV is completely different than working in movies in a lot of ways, it's like making a really compact movie. Because you don't have as much time, especially hour long shows, they move so quickly.

33. It's never really fun to have to cry in a scene or anything like that.

34. I like to have sleepovers.

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Mickey Rourke Looks Fit At 62 In New Shirtless Photos

Mickey Rourke flaunts his ripped body while appearing shirtless in the boxing ring on Wednesday in Moscow, Russia.

Rourke, 62, is exercising for his first boxing fight in 20 years against the 29-year-old Russian professional boxer Elliot Seymour.

The five-round fight match occur this Friday.

Rourke, a former boxer, has lost 35 pounds while getting ready for the fight.

"Given his age, he is in a perfect shape," Russian sports manager Maxim Kornilov claimed (via THR), adding: "Mickey has been sparring with young boxers, and we'll wait and see his performance in the ring. I think he'll cope with the task because he has a wealth of experience."

Are you impressed by Mickey Rourke's toned body?

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Emily Blunt Reveals How She Saved Meryl Streep's Life (VIDEO)

Emily Blunt dropped by the "Late Show with David Letterman" on Tuesday, where she opened up about how she saved her co-star Meryl Streep's life.  

Blunt, 31, was quoted as saying: "I did save her life. We were rehearsing a scene where she's playing the Witch and she's supposed to jump on the table with a cape and everything. And I just saw this thing happen in slow motion. You know when you see something awful happen and it's like the sound cuts out? Meryl Streep's foot got caught in her cape and we just slowly stared to watch her topple head first towards the concrete floor," noting: "Rob Marshall (director) and James Corden froze, didn't move. And the pregnant woman caught her…so she owes me, big time."

The "Into the Woods" star claimed: "Well she owes me. That's why I think at some point I should play the Queen of Versailles and she could be my lonely dressmaker…I mentioned it to her and her response was "dream on"."

"She's so amazing it's, like, annoying at this point," Blunt jokingly added.

Check out the video below…

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Abigail Breslin's "You Suck" Music Video Slammed By 5 Seconds Of Summer And All Time Low Fans

Abigail Breslin debuted the music video for her brand new song "You Suck" on Wednesday and now she is being blasted on social media for supposedly slamming "5 Seconds of Summer" guitarist Michael Clifford and "All Time Low" vocalist Jack Barakat on the tune.

In the clip, Breslin sings: "I hate the scar above your eye, it looks like you're on drugs / And you really need to learn to wash your hair / Overall, you're not a catch, you're just a dumbass / Bleaching your hair, I hope it all falls out." 

The "Little Miss Sunshine" star revealed to Teen Vogue about her first music video: "This is a song I wrote about those guys who are players and use people and just generally aren't really good people." She went on: "It's about things I've witnesses, it's not OK when guys don't have respect for girls. I wrote it in the heat of the moment, and I think a lot of people will relate to it."

Breslin claimed she gets her "inspiration from guys", but many are dissing her for writing about Clifford in her lyrics. One "5 Seconds of Summer" fan wrote on twitter: "Abigail Breslin and that stupid song about Michael was seriously uncalled for. Grow up that was over a year ago, obviously you are obsessed." Another tweeted: "who is abigail breslin and why is she trying to be relevant by writing a song about michael." 

Breslin's name quickly became a trending topic on twitter. Others on social media are estimating that the track is about "All Time Low" vocalist Jack Barakat because of the song's lyric: "sounds like All Time Low." One person pointed out on twitter: "the funny thing is abigail breslin used to date jack barakat and she mentioned all time low 10 seconds into the song."

There were many fans, however, who tweeted their support at Breslin, with one individual writing: "@yoabbaabba great work with the new song, congrats on being stupidly talented at like EVERYTHING!" Another noted: "Congrats on the new music video @yoabbaabba you're wonderful and I think I love you more than the 2009 Jonas brothers xx."

The teen actress also took to twitter after the debut of "You Suck," writing: "got the sweeeeetest voicemail from my love @HaileeSteinfeld about the new videoooo I LOVE YOU."

Breslin's new track will be included in her upcoming album, which is set to be released in April.

Check out the video below…

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

James Cameron On "Avatar" Sequels: "You Will Sh-t Yourself"

Writer/director James Cameron is absolutely delighted about the upcoming sequels to his hit 2009 movie "Avatar"!  

In a new interview with Empire magazine, Cameron, 60, opened up about the highly anticipated films titled Avatar 2, 3, and 4. 

"I can tell you one thing about them. They're gonna be bitchin'. You will sh*t yourself with your mouth wide open," Cameron was quoted as saying.

The original "Avatar" movie made $749,766,139.

In case you don't remember, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez and more played in the first film.

Are you looking forward to watching more "Avatar" sequels?

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