Thursday, September 18, 2014

Joan Rivers' Private Doctor Denies Taking Selfie During Procedure

Joan Rivers' private doctor is reportedly denying allegations that she took a selfie while the legendary comedian was under anesthesia in the operating room.

Rivers received an endoscopy at the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic and also got a biopsy on her vocal cords, however, the personal doctor, revealed to be ENT specialist Dr. Gwen Korovin, dismisses that as well. It is unclear if another operation was also performed on Rivers.

The clinic's Dr Lawrence Cohen did the actual endoscopy on Joan, but is now not practicing following her tragic passing.

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Jessica Chastain And Oscar Isaac Star In "A Most Violent Year" (TRAILER)

The first trailer for the action crime drama "A Most Violent Year" has been released on Thursday.  

In the movie, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac play Anna and Abel Morales, a pair seeking the American Dream as they face violence and corruption in New York City in 1981, which statistically was one of the most crime-ridden years on record in the city's history.

"A Most Violent Year" directed and written by J. C. Chandor. 

The film is scheduled to open in theaters theaters on December 31.

Albert Brooks, Alessandro Nivola, David Oyelowo and Catalina Sandino Moreno are also included in the project.

Check out the trailer below...  

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Macklemore Victim Of Death Hoax

Macklemore is the victim of a death hoax.

On Thursday morning, #RIPMacklemore started trending nationwide on twitter, urging fans of the performer.

The hoax claimed that he passed away in a "fiery car crash".

It is 100 percent fake.

Macklemore is
still alive.

The rapper joins the ranks of other celebrities, including Zayn Malik, Jennifer Lopez and Dwayne Johnson, who have been the subject of similar death hoaxes.

Macklemore has yet to address the matter.

Check out the video below…

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Iggy Azalea Files Lawsuit Against Sex Tape Partner

Iggy Azalea is filing a lawsuit against her alleged sex tape partner, but not over their explicit home film.  

Azalea, 24, has sued ex-boyfriend Jefe Wine stating he copied the full contents of her laptop onto his computer when they were living together in 2009 without her permission.

The material is said to feature unreleased master recordings, which is currently being used as the basis for the new music Wine has revealed he is releasing featuring Iggy.

The lawsuit further claims that Wine's recent allegation Azalea signed a document giving him the right to exclusively release any musical content featuring the rapper is deceitful.

Iggy's lawyers insist the agreement is a bogus, copied and pasted together from a legitimate management contract she initially signed with someone else.

The lawsuit doesn't refer to the supposed sex tape, even though Wine has claimed the document would allow him to release it without her consent.

Wine is charged with forgery, copyright and trademark violation, and conversion of stolen information.


The legal battle between Azalea and Wine was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

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French Montana Quotes

1. I like colorful stuff. I like wearing stuff that nobody is wearing. That's why I wear the bear hat. I'll wear the whole mink.

2. Every man needs a good, solid watch. My favorite watch is the Presidential Rolex. I own many watches, but this one is usually the one on my wrist. I buy mine in the Diamond District in New York City. Classic.

3. Besides buying a mansion or something, everything I wanted I always got. I'm just ready to invest it and save it. Otherwise, life can hit you, but you can't go back to working at Home Depot. That's why I always just be stacking.

4. I came from battling, knowing about the lyrics. All that's cool, but if you want people to love you, you have to talk to them about what they go through.

5. At the end of the day, you got to learn from people that been through what you been through; they help you learn from your mistakes.

6. I used to play soccer when I was in Morocco, but I was more of a basketball player. I played high school basketball, I played AAU basketball.

7. I feel like, you know, some people like to wear colorful stuff. Some people like to be blacked down, and some people just want to be colorful. Some people just have weird problems. I'm never going to wear a pink sweater. Some people just do it because they feel like they can do it.

8. In school, my favorite subject was math. That's where I learned to count money.

9. I was never officially signed with Akon, but it was a shopping deal. That was around the time he was going through some problems with his label at Interscope. I waited, but when a deal didn't happen, I just went out on my own.

10. I was born in Morocco and lived there until I was 13; I'm really proud of my heritage.

11. I'm not going to go to a producer that's going to take me in a studio and charge me my whole budget and give me a fake head nod. I'm just trying to make good music. I appreciate everybody that's supporting me.

12. Whatever rappers wear is cool to people.

13. The hardest situation to pick up a girl in church and in Morocco on Ramadan. On Ramadan or one of those religious days? Try to pick up a girl is bananas.

14. Sometimes I take off my skully and wear glasses, so I've gotta brush and make sure my hairline is straight.

15. My dream pet? I like a couple of them, man: monkey, I love dogs. See, tigers, I don't know - I can't be playing with something like that. A monkey, I can handle it. A dog, yeah; I would get a monkey.

16. I speak from the heart. Certain people follow lyricists and people that put words on a dictionary together, and this and that. I'm more of a rapper that speaks how I feel. I just tell it how it is.

17. I don't want to sound like Ross; I don't want to sound like Puff. I want to make my own music: French Montana.

18. When I had a kid and I went through my drama and situation, I respected my father more because it kinda made me understand what he went through with me.

19. I've tried every kind of bottled water, but Poland Spring is my go-to. I always have room-temperature bottles of it on side of stage for post-performance.

20. Coming from Morocco was just different, man. It's a third-world country, and you are trying to make it happen. That's all it is. I didn't have any problem hooking up with the black kids because I'm from North Africa. And as far as Latinos, we are all the same.

21. Is it important to have a crew behind me? No, it's important to have me behind them. That's how I look at it. You can't just roll with a situation like you're depending on somebody to help you. You're supposed to help the situation, whatever the situation is that you're in.

22. Umm…I don't judge my relationship with Puff or Bad Boy according to other people or past artists. At the end of the day, you are in charge of your career, and you can't depend on no man to do anything for you. I've learned to judge relationships with a person on myself and that person, not what they have done with previous people.

23. It's Fendi. French, Fendi, both start with an F...I fell in love with it. Smells like grown-man cologne.

24. You can't expect to make all this money and not go through problems. You can't expect God to give you everything you want without taking something away.

25. Besides my son, music is the most important thing to me. I always have music on in my car and playing at house, and I'm in the studio or performing every night. I like Beats by Dre for headphones, and Bang & Olufsen sound systems.

26. I felt like for what I needed, Bad Boy got me... they got me covered. Especially Puff, man. He's going to be the first billionaire rap entertainer. At the end of the day, they need me. Other artists-labels don't need me, but Bad Boy and Puff needs me. And I need them. It goes both ways.

27. Money is the most important thing because there might be a time when you have no label behind you and you have to carry yourself. Money is the only thing that can shield you.

28. Before I had a son, I used to look at my father's example: he left me, he left my mother. When I had a son, I got caught in the same situation that his mother don't want me to see him. I started looking at my father in a different light.

29. Every time I look at twitter, there's always somebody showing support.

30. I have been a fan of Versace for so long, watching people like Biggie, Puff, Jay-Z.

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Cher Sued By Choreographer

Cher is reportedly being sued for telling her choreographer there were a lot of black people on stage during her shows.  

According to a new lawsuit, obtained by celebrity website TMZ, Cher, 68, was auditioning dancers for her "Dressed to Kill" tour in 2014 when choreographer Kevin Wilson claimed he particularly liked "a minority female dancer." Wilson insists Cher replied: "We have too much color onstage."

Wilson states in the suit, filed by lawyer Perry Wander, Cher then told him to find a white, blonde dancer. Wilson further notes he was ordered "not to cast anymore dark skinned black dancers on the tour."

According to the lawsuit, after a concert this past June in Louisville, a male dancer invited a female fan to his hotel room and  supposedly became sexually aggressive. The suit claims Cher tried to hide the unfortunate incident by keeping the male dancer in the show and firing the 3 whistle-blowers, including Wilson.

Wilson, who is also black, is claiming racial retaliation and discrimination.

Cher's spokesperson denied the allegations, telling TMZ: "These are ridiculous allegations.  They couldn't be further from the truth."

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Melissa Rivers Returns To Twitter After Mother Joan Rivers' Death

Melissa Rivers took to twitter for the first time after her mom Joan Rivers' tragic death.  

"As my son Cooper and I mourn the loss of my mother, we want to thank everyone for the beautiful cards and flowers conveying heartfelt messages and condolences, which continue to arrive from around the world and through social media. My mother would have been overwhelmed by the scope and depth of the love that people have expressed for her. It is certainly helping to lift our spirits during this time," Rivers, 46, wrote.

Melissa added: "We are forever grateful for your kindness and support in continuing to honor my mother's legacy, and for remembering the joy and laughter that she brought to so many."

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