Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mariah Carey And Brett Ratner Are Not Dating

Mariah Carey's rep has dismissed rumors that she is dating director Brett Ratner.  

"They have been best friends for a very long time," Mariah's rep told People.

Carey, 45, and Ratner, 46, recently sparked rumors that they were dating after they were spotted grabbing dinner last weekend at celeb hotspot Craig's with Courtney Love.

Just in case you didn't know, Ratner is well known for the pop diva's previous music videos for "Heartbreaker", "We Belong Together" and "Touch My Body."

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Bill Maher Slams Elton John And Other Celebrities For Dolce & Gabbana Boycott (FUNNY VIDEO)

Bill Maher attacked Elton John and other celebrities, who demanded a boycott of Dolce & Gabbana on Friday's "Real Time," describing the backlash over Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana's controversial claims about "synthetic children" born via in-vitro fertilization as an example of "crazy political correctness."  

Maher, 59, said: "For folks who take such pride in their love of diversity, liberals increasingly seem to tolerate none in their own ranks. I don't necessarily agree with Dolce and Gabbana, but what is the point of attacking people who are 95 percent on your side?"

The comedian slammed also supporters of rights for same-sex couples for blasting the openly gay fashion designers instead of objecting against anti-gay Supreme Court justices and other obstacles to progress.

"It's easier to get all fake-outraged over the "hateful, anti-gay speech" of two men who bedazzle codpieces for a living," Maher jokingly pointed out. He even expressed strong disapproval with the idea of a boycott, asking: "Really, you can't sell handbags now if you only agree with Elton John almost all the time?" He then wondered: "How deeply stupid has the far left become when gay designers can't get along with gay musicians?"

Check out the funny video below… 

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Michelle Visage: "The Gays Have Turned Their Backs On Madonna" (VIDEO)

Michelle Visage recently talked about Madonna following the debut of her new album "Rebel Heart", which was dubbed a "commercial flop". 

"The gays have turned their backs on Madonna," Visage, 46, told Jonny McGovern on Wednesday's "Hey Qween," noting she is a "once in a lifetime" kind of talent who deserves everyone's ultimate respect and worship.

"It makes me so sad that the children today really don't know what she is," the singer and host explained, adding: "To me, we will never see a superstar ever in our lifetime like Madonna or Michael Jackson. There's been fringe ones - there's Whitney Houston, there's Mariah - but there will never be (another Madonna.)"

"The gays have kind of turned their back on her. These young gays don't know what she did for the community and what she continues to do…she did so much for HIV/AIDS, she has done so, so much for the gays. So much, and they forget. The young ones don't even see her", Michelle added.

Check out the video below...

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Rita Ora Reveals The Moment She Would Never Forget In The Entertainment Industry

Rita Ora recently opened up about the most precious moment she would never forget in the entertainment business.  

"I think the most surreal experience I ever had since being in this job, would be singing for the President of The United States in his house," Ora, 24, said at Coca-Cola's 100th Anniversary campaign shoot.

Rita added: "They offered me the chance to sing Christmas carols for their Christmas party in Washington DC. It was one of the most surreal things that I've ever, ever experienced. It's cool because I'm not from America, it was such an honor to sing for President - I wont forget that moment ever."

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Adam Lambert Talks About Boy George, Elton John And Sam Smith

Adam Lambert posed for the cover of Attitude magazine's May 2015 issue, out on newsstands on Wednesday.  


In an interview with the mag, Lambert, 33, said of Sam Smith: "Sam Smith, hats off, he has had an amazing year, he's a lovely guy. I've met him a few times. I'm so happy for him, and I'm so happy his sexuality wasn't a big thorn in his side. It was just: "This is who I am, I'm cool with it and so you should be too." And his songs are timeless and beautiful, and everybody relates to them. He's doing it right, for sure. I think with me and Sam, there's definitely an understanding there, like: "Hey gurl, how you doing?" (laughs) But you know, there's only a few of us actually, on a mainstream level. I think we're building a little clique, I hope, but I haven't met that many."

The singer shared about Boy George and Elton John: "I mean, Elton John is amazing, what a sweetheart, and Boy George is also incredible. I've sat down and had lunch with him before, he's so smart and has been through A LOT, and now he's in a really good, healthy space, and loves music and is DJing and is still really connected to pop culture. He was really interesting to talk to."

Adam also talked about his brand new single "Ghost Town": "It was a bit like: "Well, this is the one." There are four or five other really obvious singles, but when we finished that one it felt special. It felt like it had to be the one."

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Madonna Reveals Which Ex She Would Choose To Be With On A Deserted Island

Madonna recently revealed which ex boyfriend would choose to be with on a deserted island.  

In a candid Q&A with Us Weekly, Madonna, 56, opened up about Dennis Rodman and rapper Vanilla Ice

"If I were trapped on a desert island with either Vanilla Ice or Dennis Rodman, I would pick Dennis," the Queen of Pop said, noting: "He has a better sense of humor. Plus, he could always wear my clothes."

Speaking of humor, Madonna referred to Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle.

"My secret beauty ritual is to put ice on my eyes every morning. Ice, ice baby," the pop icon claimed, referencing a lyric from his 1989 big hit.

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Max Irons Quotes

1. My name has opened doors and slammed doors shut. 

2. (on meeting fans) We actually got sick because you shake a lot of hands, and we don't really do the hand sanitizer thing in England, especially if you shake someone's hand and kinda go (rubs hands together). It doesn't send a good message. But yeah, a lot of hugging, a lot of handshakes.

3. I don't look on the Internet; it's a world of pain.

4. I'd done a couple of Hollywood franchise films and I didn't really want to do a third. But I went for the audition anyway. And that was the feedback: "Not young and pretty." I thought: "Great - now the really interesting roles will come my way."

5. For me, comfort is paramount.

6. Both of my parents firmly believe this business is largely based on luck. When I said I wanted to be an actor, they both told me to be under no illusions and to never think that my life would be like theirs, because they'd been lucky. I think it was very good advice.

7. Acting advice is a bit like your parents teaching you how to drive a car. You know they're right, but you still kind of want them to shut up a bit.

8. When you've got parents who've done what you want to do, as much as they're proud of you, they can't be as amazed by it, because they've done it themselves. The only person I can amaze is me. I've got to do it for me. So f...k the world, to an extent.

9. As a child I'd get given parts as a tree.

10. "The Host" is very much in the same vein as "Twilight", and there's clearly a huge fan base out there. But I can't imagine myself being as huge as Robert Pattinson. I'm not sure I could handle that level of fame.

11. You know, Taylor Lautner, with a body like that, he should be taking his shirt off. For me, it's not so essential.

12. (on what appeals to him in a woman) I appreciate a natural look, as opposed to too made up. Kindness and a generous spirit go a long way. And a sense of humor. It's like medicine - very healing. A woman who isn't preoccupied with superficial things, who knows what is real and important. Someone who is willing to slum it every now and then. But mainly, whatever makes her happy!

13. I haven't read the "Twilight" books. But it's everywhere so I feel like I know it. Edward, Bella, Jacob, etc. but…I haven't read them.

14. I never wear sneakers. I don't feel comfortable in them.

15. I like reading, free diving and hiking. But my favorite thing to do is travel anywhere in Greece. I love everything about that place.

16. I always feel kind of awkward when I look at pictures of myself. Watching videos of myself is really uncomfortable.

17. I suppose I was about 15 when I started getting roles, and we have this thing at my school that's a festival, and I did a play and I just thought. This is as much fun as you can legally have. And then I applied to drama school, which is quite a competitive business in England, and I managed to get it, and it boosted my confidence a little bit. It was a gradual thing, there was no epiphany moment.

18. Coats are my favorite thing, and it's always cold in England. I'm comfortable spending a bit of money if you know you're going to be wearing it 10 years later.

19. (on getting ready for his role in "The Host") The most effective part of my workout has been interval runs. That is where you power-up the treadmill and run as fast as you can for about six to ten seconds. Then you slow down for about 24 seconds, still keeping your heart rate up. You do this for a total of 10-15 minutes, depending on how conditioned you are. If you do it with the proper form, you'll get a great overall workout, strengthen your heart and burn some calories. It's intense.

20. I can see why there's a misconception that it's easier when your parents are actors, but it doesn't work out at all. In fact, it's the reverse.

21. (on preparing for his role in "The Host") I have to go to the gym six days a week for my next movie, and I hate it. As soon as the session is over, I light a cigarette! I prefer London to LA: it rains, it's sad but I like going to the pub after work and here people don't have plastic surgery.

22. I like to think that at the end of a show, you can just take your costume off and go to the pub.

23. The problem with Hollywood is that, for actors of my age, you don't really have plenty of choices. You have to wait until you are 30, 40. Even if "The Host" looks like "Red Riding Hood", it's a movie which is gonna do well, which means more work for me.

24. Once you become the story off-screen, you are less likely to be the onscreen one.

25. I play the guitar. I used to perform at school - and, once, I played in front of 650 people. I thought I did quite well - but, two years ago, a close friend of mine said to me: "Remember when you sang at school? You were shit!"

26. I've always wanted to be a fighter pilot. But I don't want to kill people. I'd hate to.

27. It's a mistake to dwell too much on the consequences of a piece of work that you're making.

28. I've got my dad's height and smoking habit. But I think I've got my mum's looks and sensibilities.

29. The actors I respect are the ones who see it as a career and manage to live reasonably normal lives, like Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

30. With acting, I've got a character to inhabit. You've got to think about your intentions and your directions. In modeling, even though there's an act to it, a good model is a good model. For me it's uncomfortable territory. You start to feel quite insecure about yourself. There's nothing between you and the camera, and it's just you.

31. I think New York is more stylish than London.

32. I mean, it's fine when you're a kid and someone runs into the playground and goes: "I've got this great game of pretend," and you play…As an actor, getting to play, getting to use your imagination and be childish - it is weird but it's wonderful.

33. If you try to bring "teen drama," you end up doing nothing but pouting.

34. American actors are all muscular, tanned, white teeth and they have this indestructible confidence. We British are all…Dare I say it? Pessimistic.

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