Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Divorce: Katie Holmes's Dad About Tom Cruise

It is very well known that there is no shortage of lawyers involved in Katie Holmes's split from Tom Cruise. But the attorney who may have played the most significant part is not even handling the case. Wonder who he might be??

According to reports, Martin Holmes, 67, Katie Holmes's dad, helped orchestrate Katie's sudden divorce from Tom.

It has to be noted that Martin Holmes has graduated from the University of Toledo Law School and he is a member of the Ohio Bar since 1971! He practices in areas including personal personal injury, business litigation, probate and matrimonial law.

"Marty is very rigid – it's his way or the highway," claims a Toledo attorney who has worked with both Martin Holmes and his son, attorney Martin Jr., on cases. "Marty believes there are only two sets of rules: the rules of the court and his rules, and he carries himself that way."

After Katie began dating Cruise, 50, in 2005, rumors quickly emerged that Holmes's parents were wary of the affair. But publicly, Martin was always supportive of Cruise, calling him a "humanitarian" in a statement to "Access Hollywood", and both Tom and Katie denied any tensions with her family.

"Some of the crap that's out there - the stuff that's said about my parents and my siblings (not hitting it off with Tom), it's really frustrating," Holmes told "Vanity Fair" in 2006 after welcoming daughter Suri. 

It has to be mentioned that at the rehearsal dinner for the couple's wedding in November 2006, Martin offered an emotional and welcoming toast to his famous new son-in-law.

"There is a line in the movie Father of the Bride where Steve Martin talks about how a time comes when you have a daughter that you stop worrying about her meeting the wrong guy ... and you worry about her meeting the right guy," Martin quoted as saying. "It didn't take much time before I realized this Tom guy was a special guy - that he loved Katie, that he cared for her and supported her. Tom expressed his love many different ways - I like that. I respect men who are not afraid to show their feelings. I respect Tom for the commitment he has made to provide happiness and love to Katie." 

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  1. Im sure the truth will come out eventually. Tom is a professional actor, so this whole marriage thing may have been one of his greatest roles.

    1. Oh yes!!! Be prepared for a huge bombshell!!! The fact that he is a hardcore Scientologist is a proof that something is seriously wrong with him...Like all of his marriages, this is another contract made by his Scientologists' team...Too bad Katie has wasted 5 years with a fake marriage that served Tom's interests(again!)...


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