Pamela Anderson Before Plastic Surgery

Pamela Anderson, the Dolly Parton of the 90′s, has never denied having breast implants, but she has denied having any other work done. Judging from the pictures, Pamela Anderson has certainly had lip augmentation as well.

Pamela has always had nice, sexy lips, but it looks like that she had collagen lip implants early on in her career to enhance them. It also seems like she is more recently getting lip injects on top of the implants for an even poutier look.

It has to be mentioned that recently Pamela has performed as a spokesperson for breast implants industry, having advised FDA on silicone breast implants.

Just to let you know, silicone gel implants were banned in the US amid allegations that leaking silicone had caused a wide variety of health problems. In 1995, Dow Corning, the leading manufacturer of breast implants, declared bankruptcy because of the medical claims, however no connection between the medical problems and the implants was ever scientifically established. "We think the FDA should admit it had no basis for banning silicone implants," stated Pamela Anderson.

 No doubt that Pamela Anderson is a plastic surgery addict and after so many cosmetic procedures, you can't look at her today and exclaim "What a beautiful woman!"

The good thing is that Pamela Anderson has revealed in 2010 that while she’s fine with the surgery she’s had, but she’s done with going under the knife in the future! Hope she really means it!

    "I’m not against plastic surgery, what I’ve had done will stay with me and that’s fine, but I don’t want anything else. I’ll do facials but I don’t want to go down the scary route and have knives plunged into me.I don’t mind aging. I’ve never been a classical beauty. I’ve always had that Playboy vibe. I don’t want to chase youth. Anyway, I find it chases me." Pamela claimed.

On the other hand, when she stated she was done with implants too,but that didn’t last very long! Pamela has undeniably gone too far with the plastic surgery, so I really hope that Pam means it this time!

Pamela before the plastic surgery madness was gorgeous! That is why I post here some awesome pictures of Pam before plastic surgery!

 As for Pamela's famous part ( her breasts! ) some women want implant results very much like hers and others would rather avoid them.

More in detail, Pamela has implants that are really large relative to the tissue she has available to cover them. She has also by report had at least 6 operations! Women who do not have a repeated implant surgery and stay moderate on implant size tend to have far fewer problems with their breasts. They also tend to look more natural.

So, for the women who desire breasts like Pamela's here is some valuable expert advice:

According to plastic surgeon experts,if you don’t target extremes, you will not be another Pamela Anderson. If you want "Pamela Anderson like" breasts, plan on more frequent and repeated returns to the operating room.

Pamela is beyond doubt plastic surgeons' favorite example of "all implant" breasts again with large implants and little tissue covering them. But have in mind that this commonly leads to distortion! 

When it comes to getting outrageously over sized and fake looking breast implants, Pamela Anderson is the queen of the plastic surgery scene, who is popular for having numerous breast augmentation procedures over the course of her career.

It has to be mentioned that before Pamela Anderson went under the knife for implants, she already appeared to have quite sizable C cup breasts, but clearly that wasn't big enough for the Baywatch star , which prompted her first plastic surgery procedure that elevated her bust size to DD.

Since then we've seen Pamela Anderson remove and replace her DD breast implants with smaller ones, perhaps D cup, only to go back under the knife and reinsert her humongous DD breast implants.

In my opinion too many plastic surgeries weren't necessary because she has already been very beautiful. She could have aged way better and be more beautiful than she is today! She has spoiled her natural beauty looks and now she is like a plastic Barbie doll...

What do you think?

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