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Marilyn Monroe Abortions

There are many unanswered questions about the life of the legendary Marilyn Monroe. One question that makes many Marilyn Monroe fans keep on asking is: " Did Marilyn have abortions? And if she actually did, how many?"

Well, the certain thing is that there are many rumors about Marilyn Monroe's abortions...

According to Norman Mailer, in his book: "Marilyn," he claims that Milton Greene told him that Marilyn had some abortions. Mailer claims she had at least 12 abortions by the time she was 29!

Also, Amy Greene and Henry Rosenfeld both revealed that Marilyn had told them that she had abortions.

It has to be noted that there is no proof of Marilyn Monroe's abortions through medical records and stuff like that, because abortions were illegal at that time and as a result no records would have been kept.

However, one would reasonably think that Marilyn Monroe's abortions would have surely damaged Marilyn gynecologically, but her autopsy report doesn’t show any abnormalities of this nature.

What is medically known though about Marilyn is that she suffered from endometriosis. Endometriosis was the reason why she miscarried when she was pregnant with husband Arthur Miller. With that said, it would make sense that if she had several abortions which were done illegally, none of these procedures would have been administered by a professional. That would also explain why she had such a severe case of endometriosis. While abortions don't normally cause endometriosis, Marilyn's case was so bad she was severely constipated by the tissue growths. It is documented that Marilyn had enemas administered every couple of days for much of her life.

What is also believed about Marilyn is that she received an abortion just a few weeks before death. Some people even believed that she was pregnant with Robert Kennedy's child. Though her autopsy did not reveal anything abnormal, or that looked like she had received an abortion, if they weren't looking for it, the coroner might have assumed everything to be mere complications of her endometriosis and her several documented miscarriages.

The question is: "Has Marilyn Monroe revealed  anything about her abortions?"

In an interview, Marilyn admitted that her relationship with Fred M. Karger produced several pregnancies, all of which ended in abortion.

On the other hand, there are many people who claim that   Marilyn didn't always tell the truth. Sometimes she exagerrated things or changed her story from time to time to suit her own fantasies or public image. She is said to have told several people that she gave birth to a child as a teenager that was adopted out, which can't be confirmed either.

What is your opinion about Marilyn Monroe's abortions? Did she have or not? 

Conclusion: Marilyn Monroe's life is surrounded by mystery.

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  1. Load of crock if you ask me.
    I think that she was, and still is, one of the most famous woman to have ever lived and yet people are constantly asking questions about her.
    Considering her fame, nobody knows anything about her. Sure,if she had lots of abortions, think that way, if she didnt, then think that, it doesnt matter either way because we will never really know.
    I choose to believe that she wasnt this sex crazed person that people seem think she was, i just think that people don't have enough independant thought to understand that she was a human being with a seperate life other than the roles she made. She was an actress who PLAYED a sex symbol.
    I don't think that she had sex with someone to create fame, because i cant understand that to be correspondant with the fact that she studied acting constantly throughout her life until she died. If she just had sex, then who cares about acting lessons! just keep having sex! But no, marilyn didn't do that, she wasnt to improve as an actress, and so i believe in that honest persona.
    besides who cares, shes dead..


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