Sunday, October 21, 2012

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Four years as France’s first lady seemed to have taken their toll on Carla Bruni as Bruni voted in presidential elections in April 2012.

The once radiant former model's face undoubtedly looked tight and stretched, while her skin appeared dull and lifeless.

Needless to say that celebrity watchers were the first to have noticed changes around Carla Bruni's cheeks, eyes and brows, leading to speculation that botox is certainly to blame.

Many suggested that too much botox and other plastic surgery procedures had completely made Bruni barely recognizable. 

"She looks like the Bride of Wildenstein," was quoted as saying one onlooker, referring to former millionaire art dealer’s wife Jocelyn Wildenstein who severely transformed her face through plastic surgery procedures intended to make her look a lot younger.

"Carla is barely recognisable as the glamorous young woman who married Sarkozy in 2008. She looks extremely tired and as if she’s been trying too hard to hold back the years" the onlooker continued.

In January, a leading American dermatologist stated that Carla has had so much Botox she "looks like a chipmunk".

In detail, Los Angeles skin expert Dr Ben Behnam attacked Bruni after seeing pictures of her.

Dr Benham revealed: "Carla is over Botoxed. She's had way too much done. That's why she has the surprised look on her face and looks like a chipmunk."

Dr Benham estimated that Carla had had a "lateral brow lift" and fillers in her cheeks.

He added: "She looks like she's had Radiesse, which is a filler for wrinkle reduction. But her results do not look natural.

"A lot of celebrities these days look the same. They all have the puffy cheeks and cat like eyes" Dr Benham admitted.

"What they should do is just do a little bit so it just makes them look like a younger version of themselves rather than a 50-year-old trying to look 25" Dr Benham claimed.

"A good treatment to get is Sculptra because it looks more natural and can make patients look pretty and attractive rather than that ridiculous fake look" Dr Benham suggested.

British plastic surgeon Dr Alex Karidis stated a year ago that Carla was showing "all the classic signs of a devotion to Botox and fillers".

Karidis was quoted as saying: "The tiny shadows you can just see beneath her nose were probably caused by injectable fillers to get rid of nose-to-mouth lines".

Conclusion: Carla Bruni's plastic surgery is definitely a plastic surgery gone wrong as the results are totally unnatural. Unfortunately, Carla now doesn't remind us at all the woman who became France's first lady in 2007.

What do you think of Carla Bruni's plastic surgery?

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