Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Many Children Does Ann Romney Have ?

Many people are curious to know how many children Ann Romney has. Well, Ann Romney has five children.   

In detail, Ann Romney's children now:

1. Taggart Romney: Born in 1970. Tagg works in marketing and is married to Jennifer.

2. Matthew Romney: Born in 1971. Matt works in real estate and is married to Laurie.

3. Joshua Romney: Born in 1975. Josh is a real estate developer and is married to Jen.

4. Benjamin Romney: Born in 1978. Ben is a medical student and is married to Andelynne.

5.  Craig Romney: Born in 1981. Craig is an advertising music producer and is married to Mary.

It has to be noted that Ann Romney had a miscarriage. According to Allen G. Breed, Ann and Mitt lost a baby boy "several months into her pregnancy." However, CNN reported "the couple suffered a miscarriage" around 1991.

Ann and Mitt Romney have 18 grandchildren!

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