Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is Yanni Married To Linda Evans ?

There are people who wonder: "Is Yanni married to Linda Evans?"

Linda Evans has never married the new age musician Yanni. In detail, Evans began a relationship with Yanni in 1989, which lasted until 1998. 

Evans, 55 then, and Yanni, 43, split in the most careful terms.

"We have collaborated professionally and have shared many extraordinary personal experiences," the couple claimed, in a joint statement in 1998.

"We feel our lives moving in different directions" the pair revealed.

Yanni was quoted as saying: "Relationships should be a freeing experience rather than an enslavement. They should be an energy giver rather than an energy drainer."

It has to be mentioned that Linda Evans has been married twice, first to actor and film producer John Derek from 1968 to 1974. Derek left Evans for Bo Derek who was 30 years his junior. Evans' second marriage was to Stan Herman, a property executive, from 1976 to 1981. 

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