Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lourdes Leon Blogs About Madonna's Lingerie On The MDNA Tour

We all know that most teenagers spend their summers sunbathing on the beach or working at the local mall, but not Madonna’s daughter, who spent her vacation tending to Madonna's lingerie on the MDNA tour!

Lourdes Leon, 15, blogs about "the joys of folding underwear" as part of her summer job in the wardrobe department of Madonna's MDNA tour.

"I thought I would tell you all about the joys of folding underwear," Lourdes wrote on her Material Girl Collection blog. "As you probably know this woman I like to call my mother went on tour for her MDNA album. As a summer job I decided to work in the wardrobe department".

"All of my friends were getting summer jobs and I wanted one too. Mine was a little unconventional but still a great experience and a lot of fun. Being in the wardrobe department meant me and a few other girls dressed the dancers during the show when they had quick changes. Thirty seconds to totally dress a sweaty dancer can be insane and provoke mucho anxiety. Doing this night after night was pretty crazy, but I loved every minute of it!" Lourdes was quoted as saying.

As part of her entry, Lourdes also reveals a few of her favorite songs of the moment, her back to school clothing must-haves and her motto, which is:  "Choose hugs not drugs."

It has to be mentioned that Lourdes celebrated her sweet sixteen on October 14 and is planning to move out of Madonna's home...The most impressive thing though is that Lourdes is planning to pay for college herself! If you are curious to know which college Loudes is going to attend, the answer is: New York’s Bard College.

Conclusion: Lourdes is not a spoiled brat. Quite the contrary...

Good luck Lourdes!!!

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  1. What a unique and cool costume of Madonna. It was one of a kind.

    Marielle of dereon


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