Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lana Del Rey New Music

Just in case you wonder about Lana Del Rey's new music, Lana has already released "Born To Die - The Paradise Edition" on November 12, 2012.

The new tracks featured on the special release of her debut album include the cover of "Blue Velvet", as well as the songs "Body Electric", "Gods & Monsters" and "Yayo".

It has to be noted that the first half of the record is credited to Rick Rubin, Dan Heath, Justin Parker, Emile Hayne and Rick Nowels, and the second to Lana Del Rey. It is estimated that second half of the release is made up of Del Rey's own video montages.

Lana Del Rey initially recorded her cover of "Blue Velvet" for an ad for clothing company H&M. Lana became the new face of the fashion brand's "LA noir" collection in July 2012 and appears in a television commercial singing the song, which has become heavily associated with cult filmmaker David Lynch's 1986 movie of the same name.

The songs included in the "Born To Die - The Paradise Edition" albums are: "Ride", "Pussy", "American", "Gods & Monsters", "Body Electric", "Blue Velvet", "Bel Air", "Yayo", "Paradise", "Tropico", "Super Games", "Surf Noir", "Dope Cinema", "Nasty".

Are you excited about Lana Del Rey's new music?

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