Friday, February 8, 2013

Steven Tyler Backs Anti-Paparazzi Law !

Steven Tyler is scheduled to appear at a legislative session in Hawaii on Friday to show support for a proposed anti-paparazzi law that bears his name.

The so-called "Steven Tyler Act" would allow celebrities to receive damages from photographers who snap "offensive" photos of them while they're on personal and private outings.

The bill, which is set to be debated by Hawaii's Senate Judiciary Committee, has written statements of support from other stars like Britney Spears, the Osbournes and Avril Lavigne, among others.

"The paradise of Hawaii is a magnet for celebrities who just want a peaceful vacation. As a person in the public eye, I know the paparazzi are there and we have to accept that," Tyler, who owns a home in Maui, said in a statement.

"But when they intrude into our private space, disregard our safety and the safety of others," Tyler continued, "that crosses a serious line that shouldn't be ignored."

While the bill has received support from more than two-thirds of the state's senators, opponents insist it is unconstitutional and infringes on the First Amendment rights of photographers, journalists and even law enforcement.

On the other hand, celebrities argue that "providing a remedy to the often-egregious acts of the paparazzi is a very notable incentive to purchase property or vacation on the islands."

"Not only would this help the local economy, but it would also help ensure the safety of the general public, which can be threatened by crowds of cameramen or dangerous high-speed car chases," the stars claimed.

It has to be mentioned that The National Press Photographers Association and the Motion Picture Association of America are among those who have voiced objections.

What do you think of the "Steven Tyler Act"? Should there be an Anti-Paparazzi Law?

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