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Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery

American actress, best known for her television roles as Sammy Jo Carrington on "Dynasty", Officer Stacy Sheridan on "T.J. Hooker", Amanda Woodward on "Melrose Place" and Caitlin Moore on "Spin City", Heather Locklear (full name: Heather Deen Locklear) is rumored to have gone under the plastic surgeon's knife to maintain her youthful image.  

To be more exact, Heather Locklear, 51, is rumored to have had breast implants, breast lift surgery, botox injections, cheek implants, fat grafting, laser treatments, lip injections, chemical peels, rhinoplasty, brow lift, neck lift and possibly a facelift

The Good Plastic Surgery website reports that Heather has new breast implants. "Some new friends," it calls them.

The Celebrity Plastic Surgery website claims that Locklear has gotten breast implants, a nose job and Botox injections, although she denies it.

The website reported that  her appearance "sparked a storm of speculation over whether she has had breast augmentation surgery."

According to website, Locklear has breast implants and also may have used Botox and injections of dermal fillers.

The PopWrap section of the New York Post website noted that "Heather Locklear has had too much plastic surgery."

The celebrity site "Famous Plastic" claimed: "Heather had a nose job and breast implants towards the beginning of her career and has most recently started with the lip injections, Botox, injectable fillers and what appears to be a facelift. Her face is starting to look oddly frozen and like it's awkward to smile."

On the other hand, the website "Stars Plastic Surgery" stated that "it looks that she decided to age naturally. Comparing with older pictures of her, there is a difference specially on her neck, that goes according to her age, but that many celebrities choose to skip with the help of plastic surgery."

The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts believe about Heather Locklear's plastic surgery?"

Plastic surgeon and blogger Dr. Tony Youn of Michigan advises Locklear to ease off the injectable fillers. "Her lips are plumped up, possibly from Restylane or Juvederm. Her cheeks appear fuller today than they were ten years ago. This could be due to surgical facial fat grafting. Her face is also exceedingly smooth, likely from multiple chemical peels, laser treatments, and/or Botox. Her tight jawline could be due to a mini-facelift," Dr. Youn was quoted as saying, adding: "Heather is a timeless beauty. I think she would look even better if she laid off the injectable fillers a bit."

Plastic surgery consultant Wendy Lewis told that Locklear's face revealed signs of "a combination of overfilling and a hard life." Lewis also explained that "Heather was every teenage boy's fantasy for a few decades, so we should cut her some slack."

Plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer of New York revealed to cosmetic website MakeMeHeal: "Heather Locklear is still beautiful. She appears to have slightly fuller lips and cheeks, which may be due to fillers. Her forehead appears higher than previously and eyebrows have changed shape. She may have the Botox effect or, possibly, a brow lift causing these changes," adding: "There is no question Heather looks great. She appears to have had Botox and fillers. Her neck/jawline also looks improved which may indicate and surgical procedure such as facelift or neck lift."

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia of San Clemente and Orange claimed: "Heather Locklear has had facial work including probably a facelift, eyes, forehead lift and mid-face lift plus or minus cheek implants. A bit heavy on the lip filler but this is so common."

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif believes she might have multiple plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance. "She seems to have Botox and facial fillers, she still looks good in 51 year-old" Dr. Paul S. Nassif stated. In addition, she is also possible to have Browlift and mini-facelift. "Heather Locklear still looks pretty good for her age. Her cheeks are now much plumper when compared to her earlier days, which could be a result of injectables or fat grafting. Her eyes don't appear to have been surgically altered. Like many celebrities, I'm sure she gets Botoxed. Her skin looks great. She has taken good care of herself," Dr. Nassif admitted.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer believes that Locklear might have had botox and Restylane, because it appears that her forehead getting smoother as the result of botox injections. She also has full cheeks, a sign of Restylane facial filler.

Judging by the before and after photos, Heather's nose seems to be thinner now, as well as the tip of it having a more "pinched" appearance. Her cheeks now have a somewhat "shiny" appearance to them, possibly an indication of injectable fillers and maybe fat or skin grafting in the cheeks. Her facial expression looks "frozen", possibly a tell tale sign of  Botox or other injectable fillers, with many celebrity watchers claiming that Heather underwent multiple botox treatments that went wrong…

It has to be noted that fat grafting has become a Hollywood trend among celebrities and there is a great chance that Heather got in on the trend, which explains her noticeably plumped cheeks.

There are some people who insist that Locklear has undergone several breast augmentation surgeries, claiming that she had breast implants decades ago. It is well known that breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years…  

Just in case you wonder what Locklear has responded about plastic surgery rumors, she denied having gone under the knife, revealing to the TV show Live With Regis And Kelly: "I think it is great. Especially since I'm at an age now where all my friends talk about it. No one's done it yet, but it's all they talk about…Sometimes I look at this (gestures to her chin)…I think it would be scary, but hey, I'm not against it at all. At all."

What do you think? Did Heather Locklear have plastic surgery?

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