Sunday, April 7, 2013

Katie Price Nose Job

English media personality, author and former glamour model Katie Price, best known under the pseudonym Jordan, is reportedly had a  nose job.

To be more exact, Price, 34, underwent a nose job at a Los Angeles clinic in December 2007. 

Price revealed about her nose job: "I've always had a thing about my nose," adding: "I haven't had a full 100% nose job - they shaved the bone, they didn't break my nose. In fact, I liked my nose before and now. If I had a cupboard with both noses, I would alternate between them!"

Her nose job was performed at the same time as her fourth breast augmentation.

Jordan's nose job is thought to cost £36,000.

The reason she had a nose job was the removal of the hump on the bridge of her nose.  The result left her with an aesthetic looking nose that isn't too indicating. 

Needless to say that Jordan is no stranger to plastic surgery as she has undergone multiple plastic surgeries over the years. 

Jordan is very insecure about her physical appearance. In October 2012 at London club Gilgamesh, she was overheard saying: "I'm plastic. I've got a fake nose, fake teeth and fake tits - only my arse is real! I look like a market trader."

Katie's first fiancé Warren Furman, better know as Ace from 90s TV show Gladiators, stated: "She had moles on her face and she said her nose was hooked. But she started to get obsessed with it. Because all the procedures were given to her for free, she was like a kid in a sweet shop. She'd say: "I want this done and that done." And I believe that's still the case. She's been rewarded financially for mutilating her body. She's completely lost her way."

The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts believe about Katie Price's nose job?"

Harley Street surgeon Aristolos Gaitanis was quoted as saying: "It's obvious she's had rhinoplasty surgery. It's down to the difference in the profile. Her profile used to be prominent, stronger. Now it is softer and prettier - it's the most popular sort of nose surgery. It involves removing the bump from the top of the nose in an operation which costs about £5,000."

Plastic Surgery consultant Mr Shahab Mahdi, explained: "Jordan did have a lump on her nose and it has improved since she had the surgery."

What do you think of Katie Price's nose job?

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