Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is Paul Stanley Jewish ?

Just in case you wonder if Paul Stanley is Jewish, the truth is that Stanley (real name: Stanley Harvey Eisen) is Jewish.  

In detail, Stanley is of Jewish and German-Jewish ancestry as his mother was born in Berlin, Germany and was raised in the Jewish faith. He was born in Manhattan, New York and moved to Queens as a teenager.

Stanley, 61, had older relatives who survived the Holocaust, so he is probably quite supportive of a Jewish state.

When co-frontman Gene Simmons (who is also a Jew) asked if it was a coincidence that he and Stanley happen to be Jewish, he replied: "Yes, it's coincidence.  By and large, Jews don't exist on the frontlines of pop culture; we tend to be more the managers and the record label owners and the movie studio executives and the producers and so on. There are no real Jewish stars."

"If anything, we changed our Jewish-sounding names; we're the great assimilationists. It's like that (old saying), "Dress British, think Yiddish," because ultimately in the world, Jews know instinctively that the sound of their names are not perceived as cool; the Jewish culture itself isn't really perceived as cool, so we change our names, we straighten our hair, we fix our noses," Simmons continued.

"By and large, if you look or sound Jewish - and this is a great wakeup call to those of us who are delusional - it doesn't work; the masses don't react to it," Simmons added.

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