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LeAnn Rimes Quotes

1. I am constantly working out-circuit training, jumping rope, and stair-stepping, and sticking to 1200 calories a day. It can't be something that you're doing to lose weight, and then once you do, you're done. I do it every day of my life.

2. I want to make my music and be a happy woman, a good wife, a good mom and one day hopefully have a child of my own.

3. I never expected it to always be easy. I'm skeptical by nature, so even when things were going great, I kept telling people that it wouldn't last.

4. I don't believe it's productive to go around and badmouth anyone that I work with, because at the end of the day, we all have to sit in front of each other and agree or disagree.

5. I didn't want to compromise my music. They said they didn't like the production, but my father has produced all my records, and we'd done so well up to then that I didn't want to change anything.

6. I really found my own sound for the first time as an artist, and I'm proud of it.

7. Eddie and I are overwhelmed by the amount of lovely well wishes. We are blessed and…I'm Mrs. Cibrian!

8. I talk to my family and friends as much as possible on the phone. It takes a certain type of person to understand what I go through and to deal with my kind of lifestyle.

9. Hosting Nashville Star is something I wouldn't have done a few years ago.

10. I think a lot of people have always said, since How Do I Live crossed over, that I'm really going pop. That's definitely something I want to pursue, but it's not all I'm going to do.

11. Reba McEntire came through town when I lived in Texas. She had this amazing theatrical show with, like, 13 different wardrobe changes. I was eight and I was like: "Wow, I wanna do that!"

12. I think way too often you have a record where one or two of the songs are good and the rest of the album is crap.

13. I was told when I was little I couldn't have an opinion because you want everyone to buy your record and like you.

14. I wrote a couple of songs with Brian McKnight, and he's producing a couple of things.

15. I find that It's harder to put in the energy to hide it than to talk about it. I have my disease under control. I'm telling my story to use my celebrity for good. There is a way to feel more confident in your own skin.

16. I'm developing a film right now with Warner Bros. called Emily's Song. I'm kind of trying to keep it quiet, but we will hopefully be filming soon.

17. The funny thing is the songs that people think are about me probably aren't. And the songs that are probably are the ones they wouldn't think…so that's where it kind of is funny.

18. I'm happily married, I have a wonderful set of friends and family, and artistically it's really coming together for me.

19. I have a talent, I can sing.

20. I'm not going for anything specific, it's just the clothes that I like.

21. I have an incredible band, one of the best out there, and all of us are like family.

22. I have the best man in Eddie! He makes me feel beyond special!

23. I'm on the Treat Eczema Now campaign, which is the first time I'm talking about something so personal time to me. I feel very strongly about it.

24. I have changed so much. Being a woman has affected my writing and my abilities in music.

25. It does kind of blow my mind that after a decade I'm still in the forefront of people's minds and in the music industry.

26. The world when I was 13 wasn't truly driven by tabloid magazines and social media and reality shows. I was able to have a little more of a private life.

27. My happiest movements are away from my business and are with my family. I like to keep my business separate from my friends and family. It's really good for my sanity.

28. I'm living life as best I can - but I'm not exempt from failure and making bad choices.

29. My husband travels with me, and I'm really so blessed.

30. I had some wonderful times in my 20s, but your 20s are hard.

31. Next year, we'll have the whole shebang, the big tour.

32. I keep certain things private, and other things I talk about. I just try to take control over that balance.

33. People have seen me since I was 13, and I've grown up in front of everyone. So I guess my new look is a little more moderate and a little bit more edgy. I've been working out in the gym and coming into my own.

34. I'm not gonna apologize for who I am and what I've gone through.

35. Sometimes I'm with friends and family for a couple of months at time, and then I won't see them for months. I fill blocks of time with my friends, family and life.

36. I keep reconnecting and changing and developing. I think that says a lot about me and who I am as an artist.

37. The more successful you get, the more people start saying bad things about you, it seems.

38. I kept waiting for something bad to happen, and now a few things have. But that's okay, because my fans are still there, and that's what matters.

39. There are times that I have to prioritize business over friends.

40. People are so quick to judge and make decisions for themselves about situations they know absolutely nothing about.

41. There's tons of room for older artists. George Jones is a great example of someone coming out with some really great stuff recently.

42. I'm Southern, so alligator tail is pretty interesting and yummy.

43. This is like a small tour where we get out and get to see the fans.

44. I know that Eddie loves and respects me more than anything in this world. Nothing and no one will ever change that.

45. We do a Jefferson Airplane cover. It's a little rock, a little country, the show. We have a lot of fun onstage. 

46. I'm very ADD when it comes to working out. I have to keep it interesting for myself or it just gets quite monotonous.

47. When I did Crazy, I listened to Patsy Cline's version, because I wanted to do it justice for her. I was thinking about what she must have been feeling at the time. There is a lot of hurt and a lot of pain in those songs.

48. I love London.

49. When I first came out with Blue, everyone compared me to Patsy Cline, which is the biggest honor, 'cause I've always looked up to her.

50. I've been in therapy my whole life.

51. Writing my own music and being so confident in my writing is great. My voice has changed, and I feel like I'm more of an entertainer.

52. What people don't understand is that it wasn't about Dean or Eddie, it was about whether or not I was in the right place.

53. I've grown up in the press my entire life.

54. I don't care where I'm at, when I'm with Eddie everything in my world is perfect and right!

55. He's a doll and he's obviously the cutest thing in the world. I'm a lucky girl 'cause he's really great to me.

56. You'll always hear Blue. I think I'd get stuff thrown at me if I didn't sing it.

57. I have been blessed to have experienced so much in my short lifetime.

58. Eddie's an awesome guy. He treats me so amazing and he's just wonderful. I love him to death!

59. Janis Joplin is definitely one of my biggest influences. She taught me how to feel music, and I don't think there's anyone like her that could bring such pain and emotion to a song.

60. I needed to become something besides the star everybody had built me up to be.

61. Everyone gets criticized.

62. I don't earn my money from trying to hurt people or get in the tabloids.

63. I think it is important for kids to be kids.

64. I don't like the word "regret."

65. I've worked very hard for everything I have and nothing has come easy.

66. Keep your sense of self; don't get caught up in what people want you to be.

67. It's tough to break into this business - now more so than ever.

68. Just because someone can sit behind a computer screen and have a different name and hide themselves, they feel like they can do anything to anyone.

69. Part of my therapy is to write.

70. Online bullying has to stop.

71. I refuse to discuss tabloid rumors.

72. My relationship with Dean was great, but ultimately it wasn't a fulfilling marriage for either of us.

73. I don't want to wake up and not truly be enjoying my life and these amazing things around me.

74. There's been a lot thrust on my shoulders at a very young age.

75. I think singing traditional country is wonderful, because I'm bringing it to my generation and to the younger kids.

76. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I see a child, then I look and see a woman who should be turning 60.

77. I don't ever want to bring a child into this world without being as healthy as I can be; it's as simple as that.

78. Twitter can be great and very bad.

79. I have a great time touring.

80. You can't break what's broken already.

81. What's life without love? You can accomplish everything you want in life, but without anyone to share it with, what's it really worth?

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