Monday, July 29, 2013

Charlize Theron Meets South African President Jacob Zuma To Discuss AIDS Crisis (PHOTOS)

Charlize Theron met with South African president Jacob Zuma on Monday, talking about AIDS education in her disease-ravaged home country.

Theron, 37, serves as an ambassador for the United Nations and works on social issues through organizations like Africa Outreach Project.

"It's always very special to return home and when I'm able to lend my support," Theron revealed at the event in Pretoria, adding: "We have come so far in this country with our HIV program. We have the highest number of people who are in HIV treatment, but we still have challenges."

Theron continued: "Young girls should be empowered enough to protect themselves...The school environment should be safe for that to happen."

"We can never stop talking about this disease," Theron claimed, noting: "If we don't feel safe in our environment to talk about it, we cannot combat it."

Zuma hailed Charlize as a "pillar of strength" in promoting AIDS programs.

"Today has been a very special day with this good citizen of ours joining us," Zuma was quoted as saying. "We believe the education of young people goes a long way to prevent any escalation of the disease. That's what Charlize has been doing."

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