Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tulisa Contostavlos Quotes

1. Just wanted to let you all know that I won't be part of the X Factor panel this year. I've had a great time.

2. I have always kept it real and that ain't about to change, you are a liar in a psychotic obsessed nutta! Wait till I tell it how it i…wrongen. I don't want to get into a public war of words, but what is being written about me tomorrow is absolutely not true.

3. Anyone can write a twisted story, but it takes serious balls…To be this much in the public eye & scrutinized & still be myself. COMPLETELY! If you think you know me from what you read, you know nothing at all. So my message for the haters and the negative media is as for shutting up. NEVER GUNA HAPPEN!!! That's what makes me Tulisa! SO U CAN ALL BITE ME!

4. The next thing I remembered was waking up, lying in the back of a cab and seeing the street lights whizzing past me through the windows. I felt completely out of it, and I blacked out again. I couldn't even move, let alone get up or speak, and once again I just blacked out. When I finally woke up in the morning I found myself in a strange house. I went into the bathroom and burst into tears. Then I pulled myself together, got dressed, and left without saying another word, crying all the way home.

5. It's all a big game. I call the industry a big fat ugly cow.

6. (saying her solo album is complete) I've kinda been doing acting for a while but never found the time. Now the album is out and done, I can find the time. I love acting as much as music so I would want to go to the top as much as I would in music. The X Factor is the only TV I would really do but I am getting back into my acting career this year. There's a couple of films in the pipeline.

7. I'm kind of like almost gagging for an opportunity to go. I don't want to do that anymore - but I have a £6 million mortgage to pay.

8. Half the guys I know are drug dealers. One's a massive cocaine dealer. He's my best friend. He's a gangster - he's my gangster.

9. I kind of stopped believing in God but as I got older I found my faith again - and with that has come morals. My naughty days are firmly in the past.

10. Because I'm young and pretty and female, no one suspected me. So they would give me the drugs, I would get a cut out of it.

11. Why am I a role model? Because I have been myself. I'm an inspiration for Broken Britain. I didn't want to be seen as a negative role model for young kids. I felt like I had a responsibility to behave in a certain way.

12. I used to watch X Factor before I got on the panel. I always thought Dannii was great and I'm sure we'd get on really well.

13. They want me to shut up…be a lifeless robot that plays their shallow media games. be everything that's expected, a shadow of my former self…Not say what I think, feel or know, in the fear that they might destroy me for it.

14. Cuz I'm living like a rock staaaaaaar.

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