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Corey Feldman Plastic Surgery

American actor, former child actor and singer Corey Feldman, best known for roles in the films "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter", "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning", "The Goonies", "Stand by Me", "The Lost Boys", "License to Drive", "Dream a Little Dream", "Gremlins", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "The Burbs", has reportedly had plastic surgery to conform to Hollywood's rigid standards of beauty.

Feldman, now 42, has had liposuction after being inspired by his ex wife, Susie Sprague in 2007.

Reports claim Corey was so inspired by his wife's boob job that he made the decision to go under the plastic surgeon's knife himself. He reportedly had liposuction and possible other undisclosed operations to help appear better on the second season of the reality show "The Two Coreys," he shared with his childhood pal and rival, Corey Haim, who also enjoyed fame back in the 80s.

A source revealed to the National Enquirer: "Corey flipped when he saw the results of Susie's boob job. She's always been beautiful, but her new, more voluptuous appearance both pleased and intimidated him."

A spokesperson for Feldman confirmed: "Corey had a couple little trouble spots that he needed taking care of - so he did. And he feels a lot better now because of it."

Also a PETA poster prompted Feldman to call on his wife's cosmetic surgeon and ask him to perform liposuction. Corey felt he seemed chubby in the new "Give Peas A Chance" commercial to promote vegetarianism and decided to tone his belly through plastic surgery.

For that reason, he called on Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., who augmented his ex wife Susie's breasts, to work on him.

In 2008 Feldman appeared in an unbuttoned shirt next to his nude wife in the new People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ad, which recreated John Lennon and Yoko Ono's popular Give Peace a Chance bed-in.

Feldman was quoted as saying: "They were going: "More skin, more skin, give us more skin."

It has to be noted that the plastic surgeon who performed the liposuction on Feldman was Dr. Hoefflin, a friend of Feldman since they were teenagers.

"We have been friends since childhood, and I knew I could trust him," Feldman explained about Hoefflin.

"I had a little problem area in my belly that 100 sit-ups a day (my typical routine) was not getting rid of," Feldman noted, adding: "I am a vegetarian, never drink alcohol and am very active, so it wasn't a matter of laziness. It just wouldn't stay flat, and threw off my overall appearance."

In detail, the liposuction was done on March 7, 2008 and was televised in Feldman's reality TV show, "The Two Coreys," on the A&E network. In the show, Feldman bluntly said to a cameraman: "Don't show my fat." The appearance of his tummy was a continual irritant.

"I look in the mirror and I'm never satisfied," Corey admitted, claiming: "The big thing consuming my brain is that I ought to get liposuction."

His psychologist, Nicki J. Monti, told him: "You're never going to be perfect. Will you ever love yourself anyway?"

Feldman had a history of kidney infections that had landed him in the hospital so he was anxious about surgery, Hoefflin stated.

"We talked about risks and benefits," Hoefflin revealed.

Feldman admitted that his obsession with his image is linked to the high standards of the Hollywood industry and the demands his mother placed on him as a child actor. Feldman started working in movies at age 3 and starred in "Goonies" at age 14 and "Lost Boys" at age 16.

"All she ever told me was that I was fat and ugly," he claimed, noting: "I would not be allowed to eat until she woke up in the morning so she could control and monitor what I was eating. If she found me eating I'd get into trouble. Trouble meant a beating, or being locked in my room for a couple of days.

"I'm in an industry that's all based on self-deprecation," Corey told, adding: "As young as I can remember, I was making sure my hair was perfect - and my teeth. My mom was bleaching my hair at three and a half years old."

As he was tortured about having liposuction, Corey asked his former wife: "Should I do it or not?"

"If you want to do it to feel better about your stomach, do it," Sprague advised him.

For Feldman's liposuction, Hoefflin revealed he used a technique that's appropriate for removing small amounts of fat, but not for weight loss.

After the fatty areas are marked on the abdomen, the operation involves injecting a small amount of liquid in a quantity that's about equal to the amount of fat that will be sucked out.

The liquid is a mixture of saline solution, the pain-killer lidocaine, and epinephrine, which boosts the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain and muscles.

Hoefflin then removed fat from the front and sides of Feldman's abdomen in a procedure that lasted about 25 minutes.

"It's not unusual for patients to get nervous before surgery, but it went extremely smoothly", Hoefflin was quoted as saying.

Feldman revealed: "Dr. Hoefflin admits it was the smallest amount of fat he's ever had to remove, I feel much more confident on the beach or at at the pool with our friends. I would recommend it to anyone that doesn't have a weight problem but is looking to tighten up the loose ends."

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