Friday, August 23, 2013

David Hasselhoff Plastic Surgery

American actor, singer, producer and businessman David Hasselhoff, best known for his lead roles as Michael Knight in the popular 1980s US series "Knight Rider" and as L.A. County Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in the series "Baywatch", has reportedly had plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time.

Hasselhoff, 61, is speculated to have gotten botox injections, facelift, nose job, chemical peels and dermal fillers.

Hasselhoff has not aged considerably over the years, leading many celebrity watchers and fans to believe that he has succumbed to multiple plastic surgery operations.

It has to be noted that Hasselhoff has admitted to using botox in an interview to People Magazine, but has denied a facelift, in spite of the suspicions of plastic surgeons. "I have had Botox, everyone has. It's a shot. It takes out the frown. I haven't had that in a year. I take pride in that. I look great. I am going to keep this natural until I have to. I like Clint Eastwood, he waited until he was 75. He looks damn good," Hasselhoff was quoted as saying.

"Maybe a little Botox here and there, but absolutely no facelift, he hasn't had one! No work at all," a representative for Hasselhoff stated.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Nassif revealed: "David Hasselhoff appears to have had botox and facial fillers. There is also a chance he had a facelift performed at some point. Overall, any work performed was conservative, and he does not appear overdone."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Salzhauer noted: "David Hasselhoff appears to have had botox and dermal fillers."

It has to be noted that in 2008 Hasselhoff was hospitalized to have something removed from above his eye. Because his spokesperson denied to give further information on what was being removed, many tabloids went wild suggesting that the former "Baywatch" star may have had a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to give his eyes a rejuvenated look.

As plastic surgeon experts claim, an eyelid surgery removes saggy skin and excess fat from both the upper and lower eyelids, using incisions hidden in the natural creases of the eye. Often aging causes the saggy baggy appearance we often notice at middle age. Eyelid surgery requires a brief healing period, usually less than 10 days. 

David Hasselhoff went in for surgery only over a week ago and has recently been pictured in glasses and showing off bruises and possible stitches around his eye, which would corroborate the story of him undergoing surgery. On the other hand, it is possible that Hasselhoff's eye surgery was not cosmetic.

We have to admit though that Hasselhoff was always in good shape when he was younger and even now his body appears fit enough for a man his age.  His face and neck shows some sagging skin and wrinkles, so it could be that he got some operations done some time ago. 

What do you think? Did David Hasselhoff have plastic surgery?

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