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Matt Bomer Quotes

1. I went through all the screen tests, and it was pretty much understood that (director) Brett Ratner and I would be doing it. It all kind of fell apart. The whole experience was so fast and sudden - it was impossible for me to take in while it was happening. But just being attached to "Superman" actually gave a great boost to my career.

2. Anybody who is rude to anyone in the service industry is automatically out.

3. The best experience for me at CMU was being on stage so much, getting that comfort ability and learning that technique you can use with any type of work because you're comfortable with it and know your skill as an actor.

4. I would love to make a reappearance on Chuck. I have no idea how that is going to work out scheduling - wise. It's something I've been in a dialogue with about the creators. But if everything were to align properly I would - nothing would make me happier.

5. When I was about 8 or 9, I started asking my mom how I could get an agent. Thankfully, my mom was like: "What are you talking about? Go play outside."

6. I've never cared about how successful or how big I was going to be. I just wanted to be part of a story that affected people, made them laugh or cry. To me, that was more important than having my face on some billboard.

7. Playing a role successfully and preparing for a con are startlingly similar. You have to know your mark, do all your homework about the character you're inhabiting in order to pull of your con. And, let's face it, in this business, people are conning you all the time.

8. I was riding my bike the other day and a woman pulled into her driveway to cut me off and tell me that she was in a really low depression when she discovered the show, and the escapism White Collar offered gave her something to focus on - that for me outweighs trophies and awards. 

9. She (Jodie Foster) is intelligent and gracious, and she taught me so much about this business. She showed me how to not get in anyone's way and to concentrate on what you need to do that day and what that scene takes. She is remarkable.

10. I wanted to go to Northwestern and become a serious journalist, but I think there was some divine hand leading another way.

11. When things click the way they are supposed to, and you are in sync with the directors and the producers, it is such a great experience. I also learned early on what I was in control of, such as showing up on time and doing the best work I am capable of doing on that day.

12. I feel comfortable in old clothes, anything that has gotten me through a traumatic experience I hold on to.

13. Never forget your manners. They go a long way in both your business and personal life. If you look and act like you are making an effort, it will be appreciated.

14. I like strong opinions - I'll take that any day over someone who agrees with everything.

15. For me, a lot of my 20s were about finding out who I wanted to be. When you reach your 30s, you develop a much stronger sense of who you are, and that simplifies everything - from what I wear to who I spend my time with.

16. As an actor you got to just kind of realize what you are and what you aren't in control of. When it comes to TV, you're in control of showing up to work on time, doing the best work that you can, and you got to trust that the people, the higher ups or whatever, know what they're doing. And know when the best time to put the show on. You kinda just let go and whatever's gonna happen will happen and you can't really predict the zeitgeist or what kind of show's gonna hit when.

17. I'm not really biased towards any medium, you know. What's important to me…obviously, you have to do some job to help you pay the bills. What's important to me is that they continue to work on projects that kind of challenge artists and hopefully affect people in a positive way.

18. As an actor, you can never judge the character you're playing. I think - I just said I think. I want, like, an electric shock that goes up my arm. If you approach a character from a place of judgment, you're really digging yourself a hole as an actor. So, what I try to focus on is who he is and what motivates him and play the truth of it.

19. Don't worry if people think you're good. Make this your experience. And find out what makes you unique as an artist. You don't get the opportunity to do that as much in the real world.

20. In middle school I had a teacher who taught a class called theater arts. I kind of fell in love with it. It was a way for me to express myself and have fun, entertain myself and other people. I've always loved to make people laugh…it was just a natural way for me to do that.

21. If that opportunity ever presented itself again, it would definitely be something I would be interested in. I would love to do a comic book role.

22. Any character that you create is ultimately the product of your imagination and the writers' imagination. So, they're aspects of myself, but I wouldn't say they're all aspects of myself that I exercise in my daily life, they are just certain aspects of my imagination.

23. I'm a pretty chill person. I'm kind of a homebody and I like to just hang out with friends and have dinner. I'm not, you know - I'm definitely not Neal Caffrey in the sense that I'm not, you know, drinking a $500 bottle of wine at a nightclub. I'm just - I'm pretty chill.

24. Watching them (soap operas) it just didn't seem like something that I really was that interested in, but actually getting to work on one, you realize it's pretty a good place to hone your craft and a great place to make a lot of mistakes kind of early on and it's not gonna matter.

25. There are things I love and appreciate in New York - the culture, the metropolitan aspect, taking public transportation. The museums, the theater. And New Yorkers. There's nothing I love more than a really indignant New Yorker walking through our shot who says: "I don't care what you f***ers are doing, I'm going to my building!" They're so righteous about it.

26. The acting program I went to was like really, really comprehensive. It was about sixty hours a week of really, really hard work. So you found out really, really quick, if acting was something you really wanted to do for the rest of your life or not.

27. I've sold this pilot I've been working on to the CW. I just turned in the final draft and they're deciding if they're going to shoot it or not in the next few weeks. It's the first thing that I've sold. I won't act in it. It's not a vanity piece, it's never something where I thought let me write something for me.

28. As a kid, around sixth grade, I got into theater. It was sort of a niche I found. It was a way for me to have a blast and express myself.

29. I really respond to a lot of the really fun romantic comedy stuff. I think it's fun, and it gives you a real sense of liberty as an actor to make fun choices, and I think that'd be a really fun place to start.

30. I like characters with flaws, who have shadow.

31. I started acting professionally when I was 17. I quit the team and did a production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" at the Alley Theatre in Houston. I used to drive down at the end of the school day, do the show, do my homework during intermission and drive an hour back to Spring to go to school the next day.

32. My role model is Paul Newman. For me, he embodied what it means to be successful at this. You can believe him as the romantic leading man, or he can be Cool Hand Luke - he can have the grit. I like characters who aren't perfect, that's what's fun for me to play as an actor: the imperfections, the shadows.

33. I will not be joining Twitter any time soon. I just don't think that the day-to-day ramblings of my life would be interesting enough to hold an audience.

34. As an actor, when you walk onto a set, you're always working with different actors with different processes, and I kind of respect them all. And if they make the movie better, and if they help you out as an actor, then I have no problem with it.

35. I like to look stylish, but never trendy. I don't want to look at pictures of me 10 years from now and say: "What was I thinking?"

36. A man's uniform is pretty standard, so I like adding a cool tie or tie bar to let my personal style shine through a little.

37. I'm not one of those people who beats around the bush with my family. I don't try to sugarcoat anything when I go home. I get right to the point and ask what's going on in their lives.

38. I had to weigh my options, which were limited if I continued playing football. Honestly, I wasn't that good. I was always that fringe guy anyway, the guy who played football and then did the musicals.

39. I'm a kid that went to theater school. I thought I was going to be making my living doing plays regionally or in New York or on Broadway, and maybe if I got lucky I would do a movie here or there.

40. Look, none of the artists who I admire or respect have ever shied away from a role because it might make them unpopular with somebody.

41. I am interested in every charity I can help. Not to assume that I have any status or anything, but any way that this show provides me to let me use whatever spotlight I have to let me help other people, I'm just really psyched about doing it, because that's the responsibility of putting yourself in the public eye.

42. I watch it (Dollhouse) whenever I can to support Eliza, yeah, but she's fantastic on it. Gorgeous and hot and all the stuff she should be on that show.

43. My first kiss was in the fourth grade with a girl named Darcy on the end of a diving board. We were on the swim team together.

44. I'm the person in the family who a lot of times, people will pull me aside and say: "Hey, Matt, listen. This and this happened. What do you think?" There's almost this weird advantage to being totally isolated because they sort of seek solace in me.

45. I like to sing and leave songs on voicemail. It comes from the heart.

46. When I was in high school, there was no safe haven, there was no outlet for you to speak your mind.

47. Nobody in this country had faced a tragedy of this magnitude before (9/11). New York became a ghost town for a while after that - I couldn't afford to go anywhere - but everybody came back after a while to rally the city. It was an incredible experience that made me value life a lot more.

48. My favorite actors are people who I don't know anything about, and I can project any character onto them.

49. Everybody thinks that equality comes from identifying people, and that's not where equality comes from.

50. Kids aren't born to be bullies, they're taught to be bullies.

51. New York was my first stop after school, because I thought Los Angeles would be too much of culture shock.

52. Unfortunately, in some parts of the country, some kids are taught at an early age that being different is somehow bad or wrong or worthy of ridicule.

53. I've been more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy, but when you dress like Neal does every day, you start to have an appreciation for the finer things in life - so my wardrobe budget has definitely increased!

54. I'm completely happy and fulfilled in my personal life.

55. I work such crazy hours that I don't really have much down time - but, when I do get a break, I try to stay in touch with the people who make sure I keep my feet on the ground.

56. Well, when you're playing a role, you have to think: "What is ultimately motivating the character?"

57. My parents raised me right, so I always open doors for people and try to have good manners.

58. What we really have to do is stop the adjective before the job title - whether it's "black actor," a "gay actor" or anything actor.

59. I've been a con artist since I was 16 and trying to get my dad to buy me a car. I never succeeded, but I learnt a lot of tactics.

60. As actors you're always going to take certain roles that are in your comfort zone and take ones that aren't.

61. It's hard to talk about it without sounding obnoxious, but I do notice it when I walk down the street and people say things to me. Thankfully, it's all been positive, although one person did start crying, which was uncomfortable and strange!

62. I like to just work with great directors.

63. I thought I was going to go straight to New York, and I'm glad that I didn't. Pittsburgh was a good middle ground for me. It is a city that grew on me over the four years I was there. It's a beautiful city with an incredible history, and the more time that I spent there, the more that I loved it.

64. I've definitely had crazy acting teachers.

65. The funny thing is, if I'm wearing a T-shirt and jeans nobody says anything to me. If I'm wearing a jacket and a tie, I get a couple of comments when I am walking down the street. So yes, people do say things and they are always very kind and it's always very flattering and I'm always open to it. It's a little odd to lose your anonymity; I'm not going to lie. But if it's the cost of getting to play great parts and having a great gig, then I am happy to give it up.

66. I never feel more confident and comfortable than when I'm wearing a Tom Ford suit.

67. I would say a big difference between my character and me is that I can be too trusting. And I've realized in this business, that's not necessarily the smartest thing to be. I definitely have a thing or two to learn from the con artists.

68. I pretty much got busted for everything, but I definitely stretched out my boundaries as a kid, as well.

69. I think when you play a role, you always have to be a defense attorney for that character.

70. I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy. But for a nice social function, I like to make an effort. It shows people that you give a damn.

71. Human beings are good, they have shadow, every single one of us has redeeming qualities and every single one of us has qualities that people can hold against us. That's what makes us human.

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