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Bebe Buell Dating

Bebe Buell is an American fashion model, singer and Playboy magazine's November 1974 Playmate of the Month, best known for dating rock musicians and her social relationships with musical and cultural icons cross four decades. Wanna know who dated Bebe? Let us examine Bebe Buell's dating history below...  

unknown date
Bebe Buell dated Warren Beatty.

1972 - 1978
Bebe Buell dated Todd Rundgren. They lived together throughout most of the 1970s, though they dated other people as well during the affair. In fact, Buell's famous daughter Liv Tyler grew up thinking Rundgren was her dad, when it was really Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Bebe Buell dated Iggy Pop.

Bebe Buell dated David Bowie.

Bebe Buell dated Led Zeppelin guitarrist Jimmy Page.

Bebe Buell dated Ron Wood.

1974 - 1976
Bebe Buell dated Mick Jagger.

Bebe Buell dated British fashion photographer Clive Arrowsmith.

1976 - 1977
Bebe Buell dated Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler while she was living with singer Todd Rundgren. While touring with Aeromith, in November 1976, she became pregnant, but Steven was very addicted to drugs and Bebe wanted that the baby was far from it and carried herself alone to have the baby, actress Liv Tyler.

November 1977 - May 1978
Bebe Buell dated musician Rod Stewart. She explained: "I'm not proud of that relationship. I was very weak and vulnerable - I felt deserted because Todd left me for another girl and Rod came to my emotional rescue, like a knight in shining armor". 

June 1978 - February 1984
Bebe Buell dated Elvis Costello. She started a passionate but volatile affair with Elvis Costello, who was married at the time. The affair ended within a year when Elvis decided to return to his wife. The relationship continued on and off until 1984.

August 1979 - 1981
Bebe Buell dated Stiv Bators. They met on August 1979. In November 2008 issue of "Soundcheck Magazine" Bebe Buell noted: "Stiv was a wonderful boyfriend, my favorite. I knew Stiv before the drugs. He did some crazy stuff in the Dead Boys, he had his nutty persona".

Bebe Buell dated Jack Nicholson.

Bebe Buell dated Duran Duran's bassist John Taylor.

1992 - 1999
Bebe Buell dated actor/musician Coyote Shivers. The pair met on October 1991 and tied the knot on June 30th 1992 to 1999, when they get divorced after a long breakup.

2000 - Present
Bebe Buell is dating musician Jim Wallerstein of Das Damen and Vacationland fame. The couple wed on 25 August 2002. They've been seen together regularly in New York City.

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