Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Madonna Parties With Lindsay Lohan And Sean Penn At Premiere Of "Secret Project Revolution" (PHOTOS)

Madonna premiered her latest top-secret film project "Secret Project Revolution" on Tuesday evening in numerous locations around the world.  
The Queen of Pop was joined by a lot of celebrities to celebrate her new project at the Gagosian Gallery in New York including her ex-husband Sean Penn and Lindsay Lohan.

Madonna, 55, and Lindsay, 27, appeared in high spirits, stopping to talk with several people attending the event. 

Madonna was excited to see Sean Penn, whom she married from 1985 -1989.

The "Secret Project Revolution" is a 17 minute short film, which she co-directed with photographer Stephen Klein. At the event Madonna performed a series of dances and sang the Elliot Smith song "Between The Bars".

Madonna was joined on stage by her son Rocco Ritchie and they both put on a show.

In a press release for the film, Madonna claimed the film was aiming to "further freedom of expression and protest persecution." 

Madonna was quoted as saying: "My goal is to show by the example of secretprojectrevolution my creative commitment to inspire change in the world through artistic expression".

"I hope my film and other submissions to Art For Freedom will be a call-to-action and give people a place to voice their own creative expression to help fight oppression, intolerance and complacency," Madonna added.

Photo credit: Splash News, Getty Images

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