Thursday, September 5, 2013

Madonna Wears Blonde Wig And Black Bra In Third Teaser For "Secret Project"

Madonna still loves to shock as much as she did at the beginning of her career.

The Queen of Pop has revealed a third look at her Secret Project collaboration with iconic photographer Steven Klein - and the 46-second teaser has to do with matters such as politics, S&M and violence.

The black and white trailer starts with Madonna, 55, looking straight from a jail cell motionless, dressed in a shiny dark coat and wearing a blunt-cut blonde wig.

In voice over Madonna can be heard singing: "Let freedom ring...are you with me? for freedom."


In another scene a suffering Madonna is shown being cuddled by a well-toned shirtless man while wearing a midriff-baring black bra with tassels attached to it.

The teaser escalates into more vicious territory as Madonna is dragged harshly through a dark-lit alley before being thrown face-down on the floor behind the bars of a jail cell. 

The final scene announces "September 24," which reasonably is meant to display the date of the short film's premiere.

According to reports, the "Secret Project" also features Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Cher.

Madonna has been sending out visual teases using racy pictures via her Instagram account.

Klein has reportedly tweeted to Cher back in December, writing: 'This is Steven Klein Photographer. I am doing a secret project that is political and artistic. Its time that we work together." 

He has also told Rihanna: "I am doing a secret project that we can do and we can go off the charts and be wild @rihanna #secretproject."

Are you looking forward to watching Madonna's "Secret Project"?

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