Sunday, March 2, 2014

June Squibb Quotes

1. My mother always felt that what she thought was it. And my mother was an alcoholic. There was an uncertainty there where you're never sure what they're going to be - the loving mother, the virago, or somewhere in between. As her life ended she was very ill, and she’d still be demanding martinis. The doctor told us not to, but everyone figured she wasn't going to be around much longer, so I just gave her martinis!

2. (on "Nebraska") Things are sort of heating up! It has been a long journey. I've been discovered so many times, but this is something very, very special. This is film, which is a very special medium. I love it because I know people will keep on watching these movies and enjoying them over and over again long after I'm gone.

3. (on her late husband Charles Kakatsakis) He taught me how to work. I don't mean physically labor. I mean delivering what is needed in a part when it is needed. You can't just depend on instinct; it might not show up when you need it.

4. I think I should start doing more film and television.

5. (on being nominated for "Nebraska") I'm a little overwhelmed. So lucky…This woman came running up to me at the grocery store and said: "Can I hug you?" And then she gave me a kiss on the cheek. Right there in the checkout line at Gelson's!

6. We were all arm-in-arm - the producers, Will, Bruce, me, and Alexander. When you're on the red carpet and going up, they stop you when you're about halfway up and you look out and see this sea of people, and they're all film lovers. My god, that was exciting!

7. Margo (Martindale) said: "I have this great script, but I'm too young for it, and, oh, my God, June, you're perfect for it". She was right about the script being good. My mouth just hung open as I read it.

8. (on the HBO series "Girls") I play Lena's grandmother, and I'm in the hospital all the time. Lena didn't direct the episode I was in, but I acted in a lot of scenes alongside her. I loved Lena. She's heaven. And so young!

9. (on her Broadway debut in "Gypsy") The dance number was "You Gotta Get A Gimmick," and it was three dancers: one was a ballet dancer, one blew a trumpet, and my character had lights in…strategic places. I had to shimmy to switch on the lights!

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