Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jennifer Lopez On Jay Z And Solange Knowles Elevator Attack (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez talked about the leaked footage of Solange Knowles hitting Jay Z that went viral during an interview on New York's Hot 97 radio show.

Lopez, 44, dropped by the station to promote her upcoming "AKA" album when host Angie Martinez, 43, brought up the elevator incident.

"You can't speculate what's going on," Lopez said of the elevator attack, noting: "What I do know about being in the public eye is that you never know the real story and you never will unless somebody decides to share it."

But Jennifer understands the curiosity surrounding the assault, describing it as a "natural curiosity."

"If I saw two girls fighting outside, I would be like: "Oh my God, I bet you she cheated…something happened," Lopez was quoted as saying laughing.

"People are just nosy," Lopez pointed out, adding: "You just got to know that when you are in this business - and roll with the punches."

Check out the clip below at the 4:45 mark… 

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