Friday, July 11, 2014

Jamie Chung Thinking About Having Children With Bryan Greenberg

Jamie Chung recently spoke out about her fiance Bryan Greenberg and whether or not children are in the near future.  

"I guess you start talking about kids - yeah, of course I do," Chung revealed to Us Weekly, noting: "I just don't know - it's a discussion as to when we would have this. It's weird, I don't know, I never thought that - I've never really introduced my parents to any of my boyfriends."

"(Bryan) wasn't the first, but he was - for him to organize something behind my back and for them, for both of our families to meet at once, the first time meeting, something like that would give me a lot of anxiety. He planned everything and he's been so great! That's something I really love about him," Chung explained.

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