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Brigitte Bardot Dating

Brigitte Bardot is a French former actress, singer and fashion model, who later became an animal rights activist. Wanna know who dated Brigitte? Let us examine Brigitte Bardot's dating history below...


unknown date
Brigitte Bardot was rumored to be dating Eddie Fisher.

unknown date
Brigitte Bardot was rumored to be dating Louis Malle.

unknown date
Brigitte Bardot dated Terence Stamp.

unknown date
Brigitte Bardot was rumored to be dating Glenn Ford.

unknown date
Brigitte Bardot dated Jimi Hendrix.

unknown date
Brigitte Bardot was rumored to be dating Luis Miguel Dominguín.

unknown date
Brigitte Bardot dated Raf Vallone.

October 1950 - December 1957
Brigitte Bardot dated director Roger Vadim. The pair met when Brigitte was 15 and Vadim was 21. In 1950, Vadim started dating Brigitte Bardot when she was only 15 and he was 22. The two married on 21 December 1952. To receive permission from Bardot's parents to marry her, Vadim, originally a Russian Orthodox Christian, was urged to convert to Catholicism, although it unknown if he ever did so. They divorced in 1957 but remained pals and collaborated in later work. 

Brigitte Bardot was rumored to be dating Marilyn Monroe. Bardot wrote in her memoirs about a reception which was held for the English Queen in 1952 where she met Monroe who seduced her in the ladies room.

Brigitte Bardot dated George Baker.

1956 - November 1957
Brigitte Bardot dated Jean-Louis Trintignant. Brigitte had a relationship with her co-star in "And God Created Woman", Jean-Louis Trintignant (married at the time to French actress Stephane Audran), followed by her divorce from Vadim. The couple lived together for about two years. Their affair was complicated by Trintignant's frequent absence due to military service and Bardot's romance with musician Gilbert Bécaud, and they finally called it quits.

Brigitte Bardot dated Sacha Distel.

1959 - November 1962
Brigitte Bardot dated Jacques Charrier. On 18 June 1959, Bardot tied the knot with actor Jacques Charrier, by whom she had her only child, a son, Nicolas-Jacques Charrier (born 11 January 1960). After the pair divorced in 1962, Nicolas was raised in the Charrier family and did not maintain close contact with Bardot until his adulthood.

1960 - 1963
Brigitte Bardot dated Sami Frey.

Brigitte Bardot dated Alain Delon

November 1962 - 1967
Brigitte Bardot dated Serge Gainsbourg.

1963 - 1966
Brigitte Bardot dated Bob Zaguri.

Brigitte Bardot dated Jean-Paul Belmondo.

1965 - October 1969
Brigitte Bardot dated German millionaire playboy Gunter Sachs. The pair were married from 14 July 1966 to 1 October 1969. 

Brigitte Bardot dated Warren Beatty.

May 1968
Brigitte Bardot dated Gigi Rizzi.

Brigitte Bardot was rumored to be dating François Cévert.

1974 - 1977
Brigitte Bardot dated sculptor Miroslav Brozek. The two lived together. Bardot posed for some of his sculptures.

1992 - Present
Brigitte Bardot is dating former adviser of Jean-Marie Le Pen, former leader of the far right party Front National, Bernard d'Ormale. They have been married since 16 August 1992.

What do you think of Brigitte Bardot's dating history?

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